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EuroMillions Superdraws

Superdraws are special EuroMillions events that offer fantastic guaranteed jackpots. They are usually scheduled a few times a year and raise the top prize to a fixed amount – usually €100 million or more – regardless of whether or not anyone won in the previous draw.

These special draws – also known as Megadraws – operate under the same rules as regular draws, meaning that if nobody wins the jackpot it will roll over to the next game and grow even larger. The only difference is the size of the top prize.

Next EuroMillions Superdraw

The date of the next Superdraw has not yet been announced. Superdraws usually take place a few times a year, offering players in Ireland and across Europe the chance to win a guaranteed 130 million euros!

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks.

Previous Superdraws

The first EuroMillions Superdraw took place in 2007 and there has been at least one every year since 2009. Below you can see a list of all the Superdraws to have taken place and find out where each jackpot was won.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
9th September 2022 €130 million No

Nobody won the €130 million jackpot on the night, pushing it up even higher for the subsequent draw. A jackpot worth €193 million was finally won on 23rd September.

17th June 2022 €130 million No

The jackpot rolled over in the second Superdraw of 2022, and kept climbing until it got to its €230 million limit. A UK player eventually won on 19th July.

4th February 2022 €130 million Yes

The jackpot was won on the night in the first Superdraw of 2022. The winning ticket was sold in the UK.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
3rd December 2021 €130 million No

In the final Superdraw of 2021, the €130 million jackpot rolled over. A Spanish player won €143 million in the next draw.

24th September 2021 €130 million No

The third superdraw of the year went without a winner until the cap of €220 million was hit, and was then won at the second time of asking by a single French ticket.

4th June 2021 €130 million Yes

The second superdraw of the year was won on the night by a single player in the UK.

5th February 2021 €130 million No

The first Superdraw of the year came and went without a winner on 5th February 2021.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
20th November 2020 €130 million No
25th September 2020 €130 million Yes
3rd July 2020 €130 million No
7th February 2020 €130 million Yes

Changes in February 2020 included a plan to up the frequency of Superdraws to three per year. This was achieved in September 2020, when the third Superdraw jackpot of the year was won by a ticket holder in Valladolid, Spain. The first two Superdraw jackpots of 2020 were also won in Spain, while the final one rolled over all the way to €200 million before a French player set a new record for the biggest-ever EuroMillions win.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
4th October 2019 €130 million No - the jackpot had naturally exceeded the advertised amount for this Superdraw and the maximum €190 million jackpot was on offer on the night instead.
7th June 2019 €130 million No
1st February 2019 €120 million No

Three Superdraws helped to make 2019 one of the biggest years for jackpots in EuroMillions history. The first of the year, on 1st February, was not won on the night but rolled over five times to reach €175 million, when it was won by an Irish family from Dublin. It was the biggest lottery prize to have ever been claimed in Ireland.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
21st September 2018 €130 million No
20th April 2018 €130 million No

Neither of the two Superdraw jackpots in 2018 were won on the night of the draw. April's jackpot rolled over to €138 million for the following draw, when it was won by an anonymous ticket holder in the UK. September's Superdraw jackpot rolled over four times before a Swiss player won the entire €162 million.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
15th September 2017 €130 million No
30th June 2017 €100 million Yes

On 30th June 2017 a player from the UK, who chose to remain anonymous, won a jackpot of €100 million on the night. The subsequent Superdraw on 15th September did roll over, all the way to the jackpot cap of €190 million. One more draw went by with the jackpot at its cap before a Spanish ticket holder claimed it all, making it the joint-biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
30th September 2016 €130 million No

Only one Superdraw took place in 2016, offering a top prize of €130 million. The jackpot rolled over three times and was eventually won by a father-of-four from Belgium, making him the fifth-biggest winner in EuroMillions history at the time. Not much else was revealed about the lucky winner, except that he worked for a waste management service in Brussels, loved football and Robert De Niro films, and liked cooking with fish.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
6th November 2015 €100 million No
5th June 2015 €100 million No
6th March 2015 €100 million Yes

2015 was a busy year for Superdraws, with three taking place in the span of nine months. They offered €300 million worth of jackpots between them. The jackpot in the first of the year was won on the night, but the other two rolled over to even higher amounts. The November Superdraw in particular was a highlight, as it rolled over to reach €163 million, at which point it was won by a single ticket holder from Portugal.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
3rd October 2014 €100 million No
7th March 2014 €100 million No

Neil Trotter, an amateur racing driver from the UK, won the first Superdraw jackpot of 2014, but not until it had rolled over twice to reach €129 million. At the time he was the fourth-biggest lottery winner ever in the UK. In October 2014 a Superdraw jackpot of €100 million rolled over all the way to the €190 million jackpot cap. A player from Portugal won the entire amount on 24th October, in the first draw at the cap.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
15th November 2013 €100 million Yes
7th June 2013 €100 million No
22nd March 2013 €100 million No

2013 was the first time in which three Superdraws took place in the space of the same calendar year. The first of the year was on 15th March and it rolled over twice to reach €132 million; the second took place in June and rolled over five times to hit €187 million, just short of the jackpot cap. That prize was split between two winners: one from Ireland and one from Belgium. The final Superdraw of the year was on 15th November, and that time the €100 million on offer was won on the night.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
28th September 2012 €100 million Yes

The only Superdraw of 2012 took place in September and followed hot on the heels of a record €190 million jackpot win just a month before. The big win generated interest in EuroMillions just in time for the Superdraw; over 61 million entries were bought for the special event, almost double the number from the previous Friday draw. Wih that many players, it was always likely that the jackpot would be won on the night, and so it turned out; a player in Spain won the entirety of the €100 million prize.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
4th October 2011 €100 million No
10th May 2011 €100 million No

A €100 million Superdraw took place on Tuesday 10th May 2011 in celebration of the first ever midweek EuroMillions draw. The 'Mega Jackpot' was not won on the night of the draw but instead rolled over to the next one on Friday 13th, a date that certainly didn't prove unlucky for the Spanish ticket holder who won all of the €121 million jackpot. That was followed by another in October, which rolled over once to €117 million before it was won by Dave and Angela Dawes from the UK.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
1st October 2010 €100 million No
5th February 2010 €100 million No

Both of the Superdraws that took place in 2010 played out in a similar way. The €100 million jackpot on offer in each draw was not won on the night and in both cases rolled over once to reach €129 million. The February jackpot was then won by two ticket holders - one in the UK and one in Spain - while another ticket holder in the UK won the entirety of the October jackpot.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
18th September 2009 €100 million Yes
6th March 2009 €100 million Yes

Both of the Superdraw jackpots on offer in 2009 were won on the night of the draw. In the first, on 6th March, the jackpot was split between two ticket holders - one from France and one from Austria - with each winner taking home €50 million. In the second of the year, on 18th September, the €100 million jackpot was won by a single ticket holder in France.

Date of Draw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
9th February 2007 €100 million Yes

Unsurprisingly, the first ever EuroMillions Superdraw generated a huge amount of interest and as a result there were over 81 million entries. There was one jackpot winner on the night - a player from Belgium who took home a prize of €100 million. The Superdraw format proved to be popular among lottery players and it went on to be a regular and much-anticipated fixture on the EuroMillions calendar.

The EuroMillions Reserve Fund

The money for Megadraws comes from the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. A fixed percentage of the prize fund, 10%, is always kept in reserve to ensure there is enough money in the pot for minimum jackpots of €17 million and to provide special events from time to time. In some instances, the amount of money diverted to the Reserve Fund may increase to 18%. Visit the EuroMillions Prizes page to find out more about the Reserve Fund.