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EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws, sometimes called Megadraws, are special events which offer fantastic guaranteed jackpots. They are usually scheduled a few times a year and raise the top prize to a fixed, nine-figure amount regardless of whether or not anyone won in the previous draw.

The next Superdraw will take place on Friday 23rd February 2018, with a specially boosted jackpot available to play for.

Superdraws operate under the same rules as regular draws, meaning that if nobody wins the jackpot it will roll over to the next game and grow even larger. The only difference is the size of the top prize.

Latest Superdraw

The last Superdraw took place on Friday 15th September and offered a jackpot worth 130 million. There was no winner on the night, and the top prize rolled over until Friday 6th October, when a Spanish player won 190 million.

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Friday 26th January 2018
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Superdraw History

The first Superdraw took place on Friday 9th February 2007 and offered a jackpot of 100 million. A player from Belgium matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the money on the night. There has continued to be at least one Superdraw every year since, and the top prize often rolls over, creating some of the largest prizes ever seen on the game.

In June 2013, an Irish player and a Belgian player split a rollover Megadraw jackpot worth 187 million. Each ticket holder received 93.9 million, and the Irish winner, who purchased their ticket in Dublin, chose to remain anonymous.

Here is a full list of all the Superdraws to have taken place:

Date of Superdraw Jackpot Jackpot Won on Night?
23rd February 2018 TBA -
15th September 2017 130 million No
30th June 2017 100 million Yes
30th September 2016 130 million No
6th November 2015 100 million No
5th June 2015 100 million No
6th March 2015 100 million Yes
3rd October 2014 100 million No
7th March 2014 100 million No
15th November 2013 100 million Yes
7th June 2013 100 million No
22nd March 2013 100 million No
28th September 2012 100 million Yes
4th October 2011 100 million No
10th May 2011 100 million No
1st October 2010 100 million No
5th February 2010 100 million No
18th September 2009 100 million Yes
6th March 2009 100 million Yes
9th February 2007 100 million Yes

The Reserve Fund

The money for Superdraws comes from the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. A fixed percentage of the prize fund, 4.8%, is always kept in reserve to ensure there is enough money in the pot for minimum jackpots of 17 million and to provide special events like Superdraws from time to time. In some instances, the amount of money diverted to the Reserve Fund may increase to 21%. Visit the EuroMillions Prizes page to find out more about the Reserve Fund.