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EuroMillions Ireland Only Raffle

The Ireland Only Raffle guarantees that ten Irish EuroMillions players will win 5,000 in every draw. It was introduced in time for the draw on Tuesday 27th September 2016, along with a host of other EuroMillions changes, including the addition of an extra Lucky Star and the EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw, which offers multiple prizes of 1 million on occasions throughout the year.

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Friday 24th March 2017
It's a DOUBLE Rollover!
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How to Play the Ireland Only Raffle

An Ireland Only Raffle code is automatically generated on your ticket for every line played in the main EuroMillions game. The cost of entry is included in the EuroMillions ticket price, so players do not have to pay an additional fee for an extra chance to win. It is not possible to play either game separately from each other, but ticket holders are able to win a EuroMillions award and an Ireland Only Raffle prize in the same draw.

In draws in which the EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw is also played, the same code is entered into both raffle games.

How to Win the Ireland Only Raffle

The ten Ireland Only Raffle prizes in each draw are guaranteed to be won on the night and each code is unique. The winning raffle codes are drawn on the night of the EuroMillions draw and the results are released at the same time. Those who match the winning codes receive 5,000. See the Claiming Prizes page for information on how to pick up awards won on the Ireland Only Raffle.

Special Draws

Occasionally, there are special draws in which enhanced prizes are offered. On Friday 17th February 2017, one of the ten Ireland Only Raffle winners will be picked at random to receive an additional 1 million prize.