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EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw

The EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw offers multiple seven-figure prizes to players across the nine participating EuroMillions nations every time it is drawn. The game was first played on Friday 28th October 2016, with 25 awards of 1 million on offer, and is held occasionally throughout the year.

It was introduced following a number of changes to EuroMillions that took place on Saturday 24th September, designed to offer more prizes to players and faster rolling jackpots.

Latest Results

You can find the winning codes for the EuroMillionaires Raffle which took place on Friday 23rd February by using the button below to access the EuroMillions result for that date:

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How to Play EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw

Every Irish EuroMillions ticket holder receives an automatically-generated code for the Ireland Only Raffle, which guarantees ten winners of 5,000 in each draw. This same code is also entered into the EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw on the occasions on which it is played. A unique combination featuring four letters and five numbers is created for each EuroMillions line played, with those bought in Ireland always beginning with an I. Players do not have to pay extra to take part in either the EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw or the Ireland Only Raffle, as they are both covered by the cost of the main EuroMillions draw.

How to Win EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw

The EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw will take place on the same night as a regular EuroMillions draw at various points during the year, with results published at the same time. As every code sold across Europe is unique and only codes generated on tickets are entered into the game, the prizes are guaranteed to be won on the night.

EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw Prizes

Each EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw offers multiple prizes that make lucky winners instant millionaires. The number of prizes to be won and the value of the awards are advertised in advance and details are added to this table to show information about past EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw prizes as well as those available in the future.

Draw Date Number of Prizes Value of Prizes
23rd February 2018 25 1 million
28th October 2016 25 1 million