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EuroMillions Plus

EuroMillions PlusEuroMillions Plus was introduced in June 2007 as an add-on game to the main EuroMillions draw. Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday shortly after the main EuroMillions draw and offer players the chance to win a top prize of 500,000. The supplementary game is very similar to the main EuroMillions game, but it omits the Lucky Stars. To win the 500,000 jackpot, players must match all five main numbers drawn for the EuroMillions Plus game. All three prize tiers are fixed, meaning that they do not roll over into the next draw if they are not won.

How to Play EuroMillions Plus

Players select their main EuroMillions numbers as usual and then mark the 'Add EuroMillions Plus' box on their playslip for an additional fee of 1. Their five main EuroMillions numbers are entered into the supplementary EuroMillions Plus draw.

As EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus are two separate games, it is possible to win prizes in both draws. Players are advised to check the results from each draw carefully to avoid missing out on any prizes they might be owed. Details of how to play the main EuroMillions game are available here.

Latest EuroMillions Plus Result

Friday 9th October 2015

Jackpot: €TBC
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EuroMillions Plus Prizes

Prizes are awarded to players whose original EuroMillions numbers match three or more of the five EuroMillions Plus numbers drawn. The three prize tiers are as follows:

Winning Combinations Prize Odds
Match 5 500,000 1 in 2,118,760
Match 4 2,000 1 in 9,417
Match 3 20 1 in 214

Winners in each prize tier are awarded the fixed prize shown, except in circumstances where the prize payout for EuroMillions Plus would exceed 3 million. If this occurs, the value of the prizes may be adjusted accordingly.

EuroMillions Plus Tickets

EuroMillions Plus cannot be played independently of the main EuroMillions game and can only be played by selecting the Plus option on Irish EuroMillions tickets. For further information on how to purchase EuroMillions tickets, visit the Lottery Tickets page.