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How to Play EuroMillions

To play EuroMillions, you must pick five main numbers from 50 and two Lucky Stars from 12. The main numbers and Lucky Stars are drawn from two separate machines, meaning that you can choose Lucky Star numbers that also appear in the main line when filling in your playslip.

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Friday 28th July 2017
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You can select your own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick, which generates your lines for you, whether you play at an authorised retailer or online. If you buy physical tickets, it is advised that you sign the back and keep it in a safe, memorable place as Irish National Lottery rules state that the only way to claim a prize is by presenting the winning entry.

The winning EuroMillions line and prize breakdown appears on the Lottery Results page soon after the draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights in Paris.

How to Win EuroMillions

You must match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the multimillion-Euro jackpot, with the amount being shared equally if others also match all of the winning balls. There are 12 additional prize tiers in which you can win, with awards being paid to those who match anything from two main numbers upwards.

EuroMillions has a jackpot cap of €190 million; once the jackpot reaches this point, it can remain at that amount for four draws before it has to be won. When the jackpot is capped, any funds from ticket sales that would have normally been added to the jackpot are instead shared amongst the players in the next winning prize tier. If the jackpot isn’t won in the fourth draw after it hits €190 million, the entire amount is rolled down into the next winning prize tier.

EuroMillions Plus

EuroMillions Plus is an additional game played solely in Ireland. Players pay €1 extra per line and tick the Plus box on their EuroMillions playslip to have their five main EuroMillions numbers entered into an extra draw with a top prize of €500,000. Take a look at the EuroMillions Plus page to find out more.

Ireland Only Raffle

The Ireland Only Raffle offers ten prizes of €5,000 in every draw, guaranteed to be won by players who bought their tickets for the main game in Ireland. Every EuroMillions line bought in the country has a unique code generated for the supplementary draw and players win by matching one of their codes with one of the ten drawn. Find out more at the Ireland Only Raffle page.

EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw

On occasions throughout the year there is a must-win raffle held in which players in each of the participating nations receive the chance to win €1 million. The same code generated for the Ireland Only Raffle is also entered into the EuroMillionaires Raffle draw, winning the holder €1 million if it is drawn on the night.