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How to Claim Irish Lottery Winnings

The next step after winning an Irish Lottery prize is to claim it – you can find out how to do so on this page. The method of claiming depends on how much you won and whether you entered via an official retailer or online.

Claims for Irish Lottery prizes (for games including Lotto, EuroMillions, Daily Million, Telly Bingo and Lotto 54321) must be made within 90 days of a draw taking place. After 90 days have passed, any winnings are forfeited and can no longer be claimed.

View a list of unclaimed prizes, including the date of the winning draw and the area of Ireland in which the entry was purchased.

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    Claiming Winnings Online

    Claiming a prize online is quick and easy. As your entries are stored in your lottery account, you will be notified automatically when you win. This is one of the biggest benefits of playing online, as it's not possible to lose or damage a ticket(s) you have bought in person from an official retailer.

    Most prizes will either be paid into your online account or will be sent to you in the form of a cheque. It’s only the largest prizes that must be claimed in person. Below you can find the different thresholds for prize payments and what happens when you claim:

    • Prizes up to €99: Winnings are paid directly into your online lottery account.
    • Prizes between €100 and €500: You will receive a cheque from the National Lottery to the address you provided when creating your account.
    • Prizes between €501 and €9,000: Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) will contact you using the details from your online account to confirm various details (such as your age and identity) with you. Once your details have been verified, a Prize Claim Form will be sent to you, which you will need to complete and return before your cheque is issued.
    • Prizes over €10,000: To claim prizes of €10,000 or more, you will need to visit the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. At your appointment, your age and identity will be verified before you are issued the cheque for your winnings.

    Claiming at Lottery Agents (Retail Players)

    If you purchase a winning ticket in-store, you must come forward to claim the prize within the 90-day claim period. Unlike online entries, the National Lottery does not have a record of your identity so will not be able to contact you to initiate the claim process.

    It is important that you sign the back of your paper National Lottery tickets to ensure that only you can claim any prizes with them. As tickets are bearer instruments, it is possible that winnings can be claimed by any person who presents the winning ticket; if you lose yours, someone else may attempt to claim prizes with it.

    Below are the different prize thresholds for in-store tickets and the method of claiming for each one:

    • Prizes up to and including €100: You can claim these winnings from any National Lottery retailer. The retailer is obligated to pay out prizes worth up to €100 and may also pay out those worth up to €2,500 at their discretion.
    • Prizes up to €15,000: Prizes up to this amount can be claimed from any of the An Post Claim Centres across Ireland. Make sure you sign the back of the winning ticket before claiming. View a list of An Post Prize Claim Centres
      • You can also claim by post. Send your signed ticket to The National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1. Claiming by post is at your own risk. You must also provide your name and address when posting your ticket, and you may need to present photo ID as part of your claim.
    • Prizes of €15,000 and above: You can only claim winnings over this amount from the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. Remember - you must sign the back of your ticket before making your claim. To claim, you should contact the National Lottery as soon as possible on 1800 666 222 (available Monday-Friday from 9:15am - 5:30pm).

    It is not possible for EuroMillions or EuroMillions Plus players that have won over €15,000 (or that have matched 5 numbers, 5+1 Star or 5+2 Stars in the main EuroMillions game) to claim by post. Winners should contact the National Lottery directly or visit a Prize Claim centre to receive their prize.

    Claiming Scratch Card Prizes

    The prize thresholds for Scratch Card winners are the same as draw-based lottery games for retail players. It's important that you check the Game End Announcements to make sure that your Scratch Card is still valid.

    Scratch cards are valid for 90 days after the Game End Announcement for that game is declared, not from the date you purchased the Scratch Card.

    Remaining Scratch Card Prizes