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Millionaire Raffle Results

You can find the latest Millionaire Raffle results on this page. The Christmas Millionaire Raffle gives away thousands of prizes every year, including at least one guaranteed payout of €1 million. See the winning €1 million code below, plus the total number of winners.

Latest Draw:

Sunday 31st December 2023

The most recent Millionaire Raffle took place on 31st December 2023 and gave away 8,500 individual prizes, including a Tier 1 prize worth €1 million. See which raffle code won the top prize below and select 'View All Raffle Numbers' to see the full prize list.

Plus 8,499 more winning codes in this draw.

Please note: Any prizes won must be claimed within 90 days of the draw taking place. Find out more about how to claim a prize.

Lottery Balls
Tonight's Irish Lotto Jackpot:
€4 Million

    Previous Results

    Looking for older draws? See the results from historical Millionaire Raffles below. Simply select a draw to view all winning codes and prizes. As the draws listed below all took place over 90 days ago, it is no longer possible to claim any prizes, as they have now passed the claims deadline.

    2022 Sat 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 6,618 View All Raffle Numbers
    2021 Fri 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 6,210 View All Raffle Numbers
    2020 Thu 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 6,009 View All Raffle Numbers
    2019 Tue 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 6,009 View All Raffle Numbers
    2018 Mon 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 5,568 View All Raffle Numbers
    2017 Sun 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 5,056 View All Raffle Numbers
    2016 Sat 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 3,176 View All Raffle Numbers
    2015 Thu 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 2,236 View All Raffle Numbers
    2014 Mon 21st Apr
    Total Winners: 579 View All Raffle Numbers
    2013 Tue 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 2,236 View All Raffle Numbers
    2012 Mon 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 2,236 View All Raffle Numbers
    2012 Mon 6th Aug
    Total Winners: 518 View All Raffle Numbers
    2011 Sat 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 2,236 View All Raffle Numbers
    2010 Fri 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 1,006 View All Raffle Numbers
    2009 Thu 31st Dec
    Total Winners: 2,181 View All Raffle Numbers
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