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Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto regularly creates multimillionaires thanks to its favourable odds of winning the jackpot that is worth a minimum of 2 million and rises quickly thanks to rollovers. It is also a popular choice for those who enjoy betting on lotteries, with many bookies offering odds on Irish Lotto markets. Click the links below to find out more about how Irish Lotto works and how you can play it both within Ireland and overseas.

Irish Lotto Results

See the latest Irish Lotto draw results and find out if you have won one of the many prizes on offer, including the multimillion-Euro jackpot.

How to Play Irish Lotto

Learn how Irish Lotto is run, how many numbers you must choose and how you can take part in the game online or at an authorised retailer.

Irish Lotto Prizes

Read about Irish Lotto prize values, how much of the prize fund is designated to each tier and the odds of winning each award.

Lotto Plus 1

Irish Lotto players pay a small extra fee to enter the Plus supplementary games. Lotto Plus 1 features a 1 million jackpot in every draw.

Lotto Plus 2

Lotto Plus 2 features a jackpot worth 250,000 in every draw, allowing your main Irish Lotto numbers another chance to win.

Lotto Plus Raffle

Everyone who enters the Lotto Plus games receives a Lotto Plus Raffle code, which can win you a neat 500 if you match it with the one drawn.

Irish Lotto Betting

Betting on the Irish Lotto draws is an alternative way to play, with bookmakers offering tempting odds on matching numbers.

Irish Lotto Bonus Balls

A popular Irish Lotto bet is to predict all three Bonus Balls from Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. See them displayed here.

Good Causes

Irish Lotto players have contributed to an amazing 4.7 billion raised for good causes by the Irish National Lottery so far.

Claiming Irish Lotto Prizes

Find out how to claim an Irish Lotto prize, however large the amount, as well as details of how long you have to come forward.

Irish Lotto Winners

Read about Irish Lotto's biggest winners, including a record-breaking syndicate from Co Carlow who won 18.9 million in 2009.