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Irish Lotto FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Irish Lotto below, including details about Lotto Plus. Go to the Lotto Information page to find out even more about the game.

Where can I watch the Irish Lotto draw live?

Lotto draws are broadcast live on RTÉ One. The draw takes place at approximately 7:55pm but you should check your TV listings to find the exact time that the program is scheduled to start. If you miss the live televised draw you can catch up online through RTÉ Player and the Irish Lottery's YouTube channel. You can also visit the Lotto results page, where winning numbers are updated straight after every draw.

When is the next Irish Lotto draw?

The next Lotto draw is on Saturday evening at 7:55pm, with an estimated jackpot of €5.2 Million on offer. Draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

When do entries close?

Entries are available for purchase in retailers and online until 7:45pm on the night of a draw, with sales opening again after the winning numbers have been drawn at 7:55pm.

How do I play Irish Lotto?

To play Irish Lotto, you must select six numbers from a pool of 1-47. The aim is to match as many of your numbers with the winning line as possible. Tickets can be purchased in stores or you can place a bet online and when you enter you can opt to play in just the Wednesday draw, the Saturday draw, or both. You will also have the option to add 'PLUS' to your ticket for an additional €1 per line.

How to Play Guide

How much does it cost to play Irish Lotto?

If you buy a ticket in store, Irish Lotto costs €2 per line and Lotto Plus costs an extra €1 per line. You must purchase at least two lines, so the minimum cost of entry to Lotto is €4 and with Lotto Plus it's €6. Betting online costs the same amount and follows the same rules.

Is there a jackpot cap?

The Irish Lotto jackpot cap is currently €19.06 million. If the jackpot is still not won after reaching this amount, any extra funds that would usually increase the jackpot prize are rolled down to the next prize tier. The jackpot can stay at its cap for a maximum of five draws before a Will Be Won draw goes ahead.

What is a Will Be Won draw?

In a Will Be Won draw draw, the jackpot is guaranteed to be paid out. If no tickets match all six main numbers, the prize money rolls down to players in the highest category with at least one winner.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 10,737,573. The overall odds of winning an Irish Lotto prize are 1 in 29. Take a look at the Prizes page to see the odds of winning for all prize tiers.

How long do I have to claim an Irish Lotto prize?

Unclaimed Irish Lotto prizes expire 90 days after the date of the winning draw. All expired prize money is allocated to a reserve fund for use in future draws.

What is Lotto Plus?

Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 are supplementary games played alongside the main Irish Lotto draw. For an extra €1 per line, your Lotto numbers are entered into both of the Lotto Plus draws, where you have extra chances to win.

When you add Plus to your ticket you also get entry into the Lotto Plus Raffle. You will receive a four-digit raffle code and if it matches the code drawn as the winner you receive €500. Visit the Lotto Plus page to learn more about these games.

How old do I have to be to play?

You must be at least 18 years of age to play any lottery game in Ireland, including Lotto.

Do I have to pay tax on winnings?

You do not have to pay any tax on lottery winnings in Ireland, though you may be liable to pay tax on any income that the prize money generates, such as from the interest accrued on it. If you place a bet on the lottery outside of Ireland, you may be subject to tax withholdings according to the laws in your home country.

How do I find out if I've won?

Find out if you have won a prize by entering your numbers into the Irish Lotto Number Checker. Alternatively, go to the results page to see the winning numbers from recent draws.

What is the biggest Lotto jackpot ever won?

The biggest ever Irish Lotto jackpot was worth €19 million, which was won by a family syndicate from Co Mayo on 15th January 2022. Go to the winners page to read the stories behind the biggest ever Irish Lotto winners.