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Millionaire Raffle Draws

The Millionaire Raffle is a special game that offers thousands of prizes in each draw, including top prizes worth €1 million. They are usually held at Christmas but in previous years Millionaire Raffles have also taken place at Easter and during the summer. Entries to these raffles are limited and the advertised prizes are guaranteed to be given away.

Christmas Millionaire Raffle Results

The 2021 Christmas Millionaire Raffle Draw

The most recent Christmas Millionaire Raffle took place on New Year's Eve, Friday 31st December 2021. Once again, it gave away a top prize worth €1 million to one lucky winner. Tickets cost €25 and there were 500,000 on sale in total.

There were 6,210 prizes available, ranging in value from €500 to the million-euro top prize. The table below shows all the prizes that were on offer, as well as the odds of winning each one (based on all 500,000 tickets being sold).

Prize Value Number of Prizes Odds of Winning
€1,000,000 1 1 in 500,000
€100,000 4 1 in 125,000
€10,000 10 1 in 50,000
€5,000 30 1 in 16,666
€1,000 165 1 in 3,030
€500 6,000 1 in 83
Overall Odds of Winning a Prize: 1 in 80

The odds of winning were based partly on how many other players have bought tickets. Were some of the 500,000 tickets not sold, the odds of winning would have been better than those stated here.

For example, if 400,000 tickets were sold, then you would have had a 1 in 400,000 chance of winning the top prize. Only the tickets that were sold were entered into the raffle, so all the prizes were guaranteed to be won.

How to Play

When you purchase an entry to the Millionaire Raffle, you will receive a ticket with a unique raffle number on it. On the night of the draw, all of the ticket numbers that have been purchased are pooled together and then the winning entries are drawn from that pool.

Once the draw has taken place, check the results to see if any of the winning numbers match yours exactly. If your ticket number has been drawn, you win the corresponding prize. Go to the Claiming Prizes page to find out what you need to do to get hold of your prize money.

About the Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Since 2015, Millionaire Raffles have taken place at Christmas. Unlike Lotto, Daily Million and other games, there are a set number of tickets for sale on each occasion, meaning that no additional tickets can be sold beyond the amount determined for each game. Each raffle ticket is sold with a pre-printed, randomly selected number; you can't choose which numbers you want to play.

The date on which a Millionaire Raffle is due to take place is typically announced a few weeks in advance to give all players ample opportunity to get their entries. Ticket sales cease on a designated date or when all the tickets are sold, whichever comes first. The cut-off point for the Christmas Millionaire Raffle has historically been 10:00pm on New Year’s Eve, ahead of the draw later that night.

Millionaire Raffle tickets cost more than Irish Lotto or EuroMillions entries, but offer larger cash prizes. Each raffle provides a single top prize of €1 million, with the value of other awards usually ranging between €500 and €100,000.

Other Millionaire Raffle Draws

Millionaire Raffles have also previously been held at Easter and during the summer, although the only year in which there was more than one raffle draw was in 2012. These other draws worked in the same way as the Christmas Millionaire Raffle and also offered a top prize of €1 million, although the ticket price wasn’t always the same.

There have been no Easter or Summer Millionaire Raffles since 2014, but the National Lottery hasn’t explicitly stated that they will never take place at these times of year again.

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