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Lotto 54321

Lotto 54321 offers you the chance to win up to €625,000 by predicting between one and five of the numbers drawn in Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 or Lotto Plus 2. You choose how many numbers you want to try and match – the more you go for, the bigger the potential prizes.

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The game has been available to play since 1997 and works on a similar principle to Irish Lotto betting, a popular market available from bookmakers in Ireland and the UK. Lotto 54321 is played on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, alongside the Irish Lotto and Lotto Plus draws.

Lotto 54321 can be played as a standalone game, unlike Lotto Plus 1 and 2, EuroMillions Plus and Daily Million Plus, which require players to have entered the corresponding main draw before they can take part.

Choose how many numbers to match

The biggest benefit that Lotto 54321 has over playing Lotto the standard way is its flexibility. You can choose how many numbers you want to try and match and therefore how much prize money you want to go for. The only caveat is that you have to match all the numbers you pick. If you do match all of them you stand to win big prizes.

Prizes and Odds

Pick which draw to play in

You can also pick which draw to play your numbers in. Firstly, you choose whether you want to try and match the numbers in the Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, or Lotto Plus 2 draw. Then choose whether to play a six-number or seven-number game. It’s easier to win a seven-number game as you can include the Bonus ball as one of the possible matches – however, the prizes are lowered accordingly.

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Choose your wager

The final choice you have to make when playing Lotto 54321 is how much you want to wager. You can bet a minimum of €1 and a maximum of €5 – the bigger your stake the more you win. If you play a €5 wager and match five numbers in a six-number game, you win the top prize of €625,000. All prizes are fixed amounts.


Lotto 54321 Tickets

It is not possible to play Lotto 54321 online, but tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers across Ireland. Each playslip contains four panels lettered A, B, C and D, with panels A and B relating to the six-number game and panels C and D used for the seven-number game.

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