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How to Play Lotto 54321

Find out how to play Lotto 54321, the version of Lotto that allows you to choose how many numbers to match and how much money to play. You can find a step-by-step guide to playing the game in stores below – note that Lotto 54321 is not currently available online.

Choose your game

Pick a six-number or seven-number game

There are four panels on a Lotto 54321 playslip: A and B correspond to the six-number game, where the Bonus ball is included as a potential matching number, and panels C and D correspond to the seven-number game. Fill in the relevant panels for the type of game you want to play.

Choosing your draws

Choose which draws to enter your numbers into

Choose which Lotto draw you want to enter your numbers into – the main draw, Lotto Plus 1, or Plus 2 – or choose to enter all three. You'll then look to match the numbers you pick with the winning line in the draw(s) you chose to play in.

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Prizes in a six-number game are harder to win, as there is one less potential number to match, but the prizes on offer are bigger than in the seven-number game.

Choose how many numbers to play

Select how many numbers you wish to play

You can decide how many numbers you want to try and match in the selected draws: one number, two, three, four, or five. The more numbers you play, the bigger the prizes you can play for, but you must match all of your chosen numbers to win.

Confirm entry cost

Confirm your entry cost

You can choose to pay €1, €2, €3, €4, or €5 per draw – the more you pay the bigger the potential prize money. You will pay the selected amount for every line in every draw. For example, if you play one line in all three draws (Lotto and both Lotto Plus), with a €1 entry cost, you will pay €3 in total.

Choose your numbers

Choose your numbers between 1 and 47

Once you’ve picked which draws to enter and how much you want to wager, you need to choose your numbers. Pick however many numbers you've decided to play from a range between 1 and 47. You can also play a Quick Pick to receive a random selection of numbers.

How to win Lotto 54321

To win Lotto 54321 you must match all of the numbers you pick in the exact draw you entered. If, for example, you choose to play five numbers and you only match four of them, you do not win.

In a six-number game, you have to match your numbers with the six main numbers in the winning line – you cannot use the Bonus ball as a match. In the seven-number game, however, you can use the Bonus ball as a matching number.