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Telly Bingo

Telly Bingo is an Irish Lottery draw that works like a traditional game of bingo, with a full house prize of €10,000 and the opportunity to win much more if you complete your card on or before the Snowball number is drawn. You can watch games of Telly Bingo live on television channel RTÉ One every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Three draws a week

Piggy Bank

With three draws a week, the next chance to win a prize is never too far away. The latest results for Telly Bingo can be found online as soon as the draws have taken place, so you can see the winning numbers straight away on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to find out if you have won any of the prizes.

Play along on TV

Guide book

It is simple to play Telly Bingo. The game is not available online so you just need to go to a National Lottery retailer to purchase tickets - each entry costs €2.50. You don’t even need to worry about picking numbers - you will be given 24 numbers from 1 to 75 at random in a grid of squares. When the game takes place, you can play along with thousands of others by watching it on RTÉ One from 12:45pm on draw days, marking your numbers off as they are selected.

Six different ways to win


You have to mark off all 24 of your numbers before anyone else to win the Full House prize of €10,000, but there are lots of other ways to win. Even if you just match the four numbers in each corner of your grid within the first 32 drawn, you win a prize. You can even win more than one prize on a single ticket.

Telly Bingo Prizes

Telly Bingo offers prizes ranging from €5 to tens of thousands of euros. Some of the prizes are fixed amounts, so don’t change from draw to draw, while other prize categories receive a certain percentage of the prize fund so may vary a little. The following table shows all the prizes you can win:

Category Amount
Corners 14.15% of prize fund (minimum €5)
X Cross 7.17% of prize fund (estimated €100)
Full House €10,000
Snowball €20,000 (€5,000 added on each time it is not won)
Lucky Line €5
Phone Risk Set prize between €1,000 and €10,000