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Coronavirus: How Irish Lotteries Were Affected

Since the Coronavirus outbreak spread across the world and social distancing measures were implemented, many users have got in touch to ask if the Irish Lottery draws are still taking place.

The simple answer is yes, Irish Lottery games have continued as scheduled amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Some special measures had to be put in place to ensure this was possible during the peak of the pandemic, but now the rules have reverted to normal.

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This page will be updated if the situation changes for any of the games mentioned.

Can I still bet on Irish Lotto online?

One of the many questions being asked by users from outside Ireland (where betting on the Irish Lotto is popular) is whether or not it's still possible to bet on the draw. In countries such as the UK, all bookmakers were closed, along with other retail stores, with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus.

The good news is that it has still been possible to bet on Irish Lotto online. Doing so takes just a couple of minutes, plus you get the added benefit that your entries are stored safely in your account and cannot be lost, stolen or damaged. What's more, if you win a prize, you will receive it automatically in your online account.

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Claims Period Back to Normal

You have 90 days to claim any National Lottery prizes in Ireland. This deadline had been extended during the worst time of the crisis, with winners given an extra three months to claim prizes. The rules were modified so that players did not feel the need to leave the house to collect winnings.

The extension included winners from 9th January all the way through to 5th July. However, with life returning to normal and the country entering Phase 3 of reopening, the claim period switched back to 90 days from 9th July onwards.

Will Daily Million continue?

Yes, as is the case with the Lotto game in Ireland, Daily Million draws are expected to continue as normal at 2pm and 9pm daily. If this situation changes at any point, this page will be updated accordingly.

€16 Million Boost To Good Causes

The main focus of the National Lottery has always been to raise money for good causes, so it has been decided that an extra €16 million will be released to help Ireland’s health sector in their fight against coronavirus.

The funding will come from historic unclaimed prizes. When prizes expire they are normally kept by the National Lottery so that the money can be used to promote games and raise more money for good causes in the long term, but a quick injection of cash is needed during the current crisis so it will go straight to the Irish Exchequer.