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EuroMillions Prizes and Odds

There are 13 different prizes on offer in EuroMillions, including a jackpot that starts at €17 million and which can reach €250 million. Prizes start for matching as few as two numbers and if you match all five numbers plus both Lucky Stars you win the multimillion-euro jackpot.

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EuroMillions prizes are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, which means that each prize category receives a certain percentage of the total prize fund in each draw. As the prizes aren't fixed amounts, they can vary slightly between draws.

You can see what percentage of the prize money is allocated to each category, as well as the average prize amount and Percentage of Prize Fund for each, in the table below:

Match Odds of Winning Percentage of the Prize Fund Average Prize Amount
5 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 139,838,160 50% / 42%[†] €66,073,263.18
5 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 6,991,908 2.61% €402,629.85
5 1 in 3,107,514.67 0.61% €45,776.03
4 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 621,502.93 0.19% €2,241.04
4 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 31,075.15 0.35% €142.15
3 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 14,125.07 0.37% €77.87
4 1 in 13,811.18 0.26% €47.70
2 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 985.47 1.30% €16.51
3 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 706.25 1.45% €12.63
3 1 in 313.89 2.7% €10.43
1 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 187.71 3.27% €8.21
2 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 49.27 10.30% €6.49
2 1 in 21.90 16.59% €4.17
The overall Percentage of Prize Fund a prize are 1 in 13

For the first five draws of every rollover cycle, 50% of the prize fund is allocated to the jackpot and 10% goes into the Reserve Fund. From the sixth draw until the jackpot is won or it rolls down, the allocation for the jackpot is 42%, with 18% paid to the Reserve Fund.

The EuroMillions Reserve Fund is in place to ensure that the minimum €17 million jackpot can always be covered. When the Reserve Fund runs to an excess, the money can be used for special events such as EuroMillions Superdraws. The nine participating nations will agree in advance when funds are to be used in this way.

The EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot starts at €17 million and if it is not won in a particular draw it rolls over and increases in value for the next draw. There's no specific amount by which the jackpot rolls over; it depends in part on the volume of ticket sales and the number of other prizes given away each time.

The jackpot is capped at €250 million and once it reaches this level it can only roll four more times, after which it must be won. Once the jackpot hits its cap, any cash from ticket sales that would have been used to increase the value of the jackpot is shared instead between participants in the next winning prize tier. Find out more about how this works on the Jackpot Cap page.


EuroMillions Superdraws, in which the jackpot is increased to a nine-figure amount, take place several times a year. They are usually announced a few weeks in advance and the advertised jackpot is guaranteed to be given away, regardless of what happens in the draws leading up to it.

For example, even if the jackpot is at its starting value of €17 million in the preceding draw, it will be boosted to the advertised amount for the Superdraw. Find out more about how Superdraws work.