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Will Next EuroMillions Superdraw Create an Irish Winner?

Will Next EuroMillions Superdraw Create an Irish Winner?

Last Updated: Tuesday 30th April 2024, 12:46 pm

A EuroMillions Superdraw will go ahead on Friday 7th June, offering a jackpot worth €130 million. Find out more about the big draw and whether it could create another Irish winner.

How Superdraws Work

Superdraws - also known as Megadraws - take place a few times a year when there is sufficient money in the Reserve Fund for the jackpot to be boosted to €130 million. The nine participating countries agree on a date and announce it with a few weeks to go.

It gives EuroMillions fans a chance to circle a date on their calendar when they know that a big jackpot will be made available, without having to wait for several rollovers first.

You might wish to play multiple lines to boost your chances of winning, or consider a new strategy for picking your numbers. One option would be to check out the latest statistics, or you could generate random numbers.

Superdraws often provide the starting point for the biggest EuroMillions jackpots of all. If there are no tickets that match all the numbers, the top prize just keeps rolling.

The jackpot could potentially go as high as €250 million, which would set a new record for the game. If it does reach €250 million, it will be capped until there is a winner or until four more draws have passed, then it will have to be won. Find out more about the jackpot cap.

Big Irish Winners

If there is an Irish winner, the jackpot would not need to go anywhere near its cap for it to be the largest ever seen in the country.

The biggest jackpot won in Ireland to date has been €175 million, which went to a family syndicate from Co Dublin in February 2019 a couple of weeks after a Superdraw. The lucky winners decided to stay anonymous but did describe the moment as a ‘dream come true’.

Other Irish winners include Dolores McNamara, a part-time cleaner from Limerick who pocketed €115 million in July 2005. This was the largest EuroMillions jackpot ever at the time. Learn more about Ireland’s EuroMillions Winners.

There has not been an Irish jackpot winner for more than two years, since a ticket bought at Larkin’s Gala Service Station, Garryurtneal, Ballina, Killaloe, matched all the numbers in a €30 million draw on 11th February 2022.

However, your odds of winning are just the same in Ireland as in any other country. As long as you play the game, you have a chance to land the jackpot. Take part in the Superdraw and then make sure to check the results to find out how you got on.

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