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Irish EuroMillions Players Can Win €130 Million in the July Superdraw

Irish EuroMillions Players Can Win €130 Million in the July Superdraw

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 09:02 am

Excitement is in store for EuroMillions players in Ireland after it was announced that the next Superdraw will take place on Friday 3rd July.

The minimum guaranteed prize that players can win in the eagerly awaited draw is set to be €130 million. It will be the first Megadraw since February, when one lucky ticket holder from Spain won a similar-sized windfall. 

That draw was the first after the jackpot cap increased from €190 million to €200 million, an update that was implemented in line with other big changes to the game.

How do Superdraws work?

Superdraws operate using the same rules as regular EuroMillions draws, but the main difference that makes these special draws hit the headlines across Europe is the massive size of the guaranteed jackpot. 

If no one is able to match the five main numbers and both Lucky Stars on 3rd July, the €130 million top prize will roll over to the following draw, and will continue to roll over until it is either won or the new €200 million jackpot cap is reached.  

EuroMillions Superdraws occur several times a year, once enough money has accumulated in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. This fund is made up of 10% of the regular prize fund from the first five draws of a rollover series, plus 18% of every draw after that until someone finally lands the jackpot.

Previous Superdraw winners

EuroMillions has made hundreds of millionaires across Europe, and Superdraws have led to some of the biggest ever wins in Ireland too.

Ireland’s biggest single EuroMillions Superdraw winner was the Naul Family Syndicate, who famously won €175 million in February 2019. The story goes that the winning ticket had been kept in an Argos catalogue under a mattress overnight once the family had realised they had matched all seven numbers and won the jackpot, which had been climbing towards the €190 million cap. 

Six years earlier, in June 2013, an anonymous winner from Beaumont in Dublin split a jackpot worth €187 million with one other ticket holder from Belgium. The enormous jackpot was arrived at after a Superdraw and four further rollovers.

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