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Get Set For EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 25th September

Get Set For EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 25th September

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 08:59 am

You will have a chance to win a EuroMillions jackpot of €130 million on Friday 25th September. It will be the third Superdraw of the year and you can find out how it works below.

What are Superdraws?

Superdraws are just like regular draws apart from one key aspect - the size of the jackpot! The top prize in a Superdraw is always worth an incredible nine-figure amount - usually €130 million.

It would normally take a long series of rollovers to create such an enormous jackpot, but when a Superdraw takes place the top prize is guaranteed. It wouldn’t matter, for example, if Tuesday’s €76 million jackpot was won or not. The jackpot amount will be topped up to the advertised amount for Friday. Superdraws can also be known as Megadraws in Ireland.

How are Superdraws funded?

There is a Reserve Fund in EuroMillions which receives a percentage of the prize fund in every draw. This fund serves a couple of purposes - it ensures there is always enough money in the pot to offer the minimum jackpot of €17 million, while it also allows the participating national lotteries to arrange special promotions such as Superdraws.

There are nine countries in which you can buy EuroMillions tickets and all the different lottery operators must be in agreement before a Superdraw can be scheduled.

Can a Superdraw jackpot roll over?

The jackpot can roll over in a Superdraw just like in a normal draw. In fact, it regularly happens that way. This can lead to some of the biggest jackpots you will ever see in EuroMillions.

The jackpot cap was increased to €200 million earlier this year so the upcoming Superdraw could even provide the first step on the road to a new record. More of the prize money is now going to the jackpot in each draw so it can be expected to grow very quickly until it is won or reaches its cap.

Have there been Irish Superdraw winners?

A couple of Ireland’s biggest-ever winners have followed Superdraws. When a Megadraw in February 2019 rolled over, it was a family syndicate from Dublin that eventually matched all the numbers five draws later to scoop a jackpot of €175 million.

Back in June 2013, the jackpot rolled over from a Superdraw and later hit €187 million. An Irish ticket was one of two - along with one from Belgium - to land the top prize. The winner quickly came forward to claim their €93 million share anonymously.

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