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€130 Million Jackpot Set To Be Offered in EuroMillions Superdraw

€130 Million Jackpot Set To Be Offered in EuroMillions Superdraw

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 08:46 am

There will be a chance for Ireland to create one of its biggest-ever EuroMillions winners on Friday 29th April, when the second Superdraw of the year will offer a jackpot worth €130 million.

How Superdraws Work

Superdraws work in exactly the same way as regular draws, apart from one key difference. The top prize is far higher than normal - usually €130 million - and is guaranteed.

It does not matter if the jackpot is much lower than €130 million in the draw immediately before a Superdraw, or even if it gets won in that draw. The prize will be boosted to the advertised value (unless it is already higher as a result of rollovers).

There is no extra cost to play in a Superdraw, or Megadraw as it is sometimes known. You will be entered into the Ireland Only Raffle as normal for another chance to win.

A Superdraw jackpot can roll over like any other, so if there isn’t a winner on the night the top prize will rise to an even greater amount for the following draw. Superdraws have provided the building blocks for some of the biggest wins in history, including the Irish record of €175 million in February 2019. A family from Dublin claimed this prize after a Superdraw a couple of weeks earlier.

Superdraws only take place a few times a year, when there is enough money in the Reserve Fund to pay for such a special promotion.

Irish Winners in 2022

Ireland has already been able to celebrate one EuroMillions jackpot winner since the start of 2022. A player from the southwest of the country picked up €30 million on 11th February.

The lucky winner purchased their ticket at Larkin’s Gala Service Station, Garryurtneal, Ballina, Killaloe - a family-run station on the edge of three counties (Clare, Tipperary and Limerick).

Thousands of Irish players win lower awards in every draw, while three ticket holders also received €1 million in the special EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw that took place in January. EuroMillions Plus also offers a €500,000 top prize in every draw.

You can bet on the next draw online now or visit an authorised retailer to take part. Check the EuroMillions Results after every draw.

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