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Will An Irish Player Win EuroMillions’ Biggest Jackpot?

Will An Irish Player Win EuroMillions’ Biggest Jackpot?

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 15:39 pm

EuroMillions players in Ireland and the rest of Europe can dream of winning the biggest jackpot ever seen in the lottery, after it reached a record €230 million.

There were no winners of the €215 million jackpot on Tuesday 5th July, although more than 66,000 Irish players did pick up prizes and there were over 3.2 million winning tickets across all nine participating countries.

Ticket sales are now set to push the top prize up to its €230 million cap on Friday night. The rules of EuroMillions do not allow for it to go up any more at the current time.

The jackpot will only be able to stay at its maximum amount for four draws at the most, before it would have to be won in the fifth draw at €230 million.

With ticket sales everywhere expected to be particularly strong as players go in search of a record jackpot, there is a good chance that someone will match all the numbers before a Must Be Won draw is needed.

The winner could come from anywhere, as all tickets have an identical chance of winning, regardless of where they were purchased.

Ireland has already celebrated one jackpot win this year, when a family from Co Clare banked €30.9 million with a ticket bought at Larkin’s Gala service station in Ballina. They said their focus would be on using the money to support loved ones and buy new homes.

The biggest Irish win in history dates back to February 2019 and was worth €175 million. A family syndicate from The Naul in Co Dublin claimed the money after keeping their ticket safe in an Argos catalogue under a mattress. They described it as a ‘dream come true’ but admitted it had left them feeling numb.

The 2019 win sparked speculation and excitement across Ireland, and similar scenes can be expected if someone from the Emerald Isle wins the record €230 million jackpot.

You can bet online now, or visit an authorised retailer. Check the results as soon as they available to find out if you have won.

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