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Why Have Irish EuroMillions Syndicates Been So Successful?

Why Have Irish EuroMillions Syndicates Been So Successful?

Last Updated: Tuesday 24th April 2018, 10:13 am

The EuroMillions jackpot has shot up to €140 million following a rollover in last Friday’s Superdraw, and it seems the answer could be to join a syndicate after the Irish National Lottery highlighted just how successful groups of players have been in the past.

EuroMillions Superdraw Results

The numbers drawn on Friday 20th April were 3, 16, 25, 39 and 44, plus Lucky Stars 7 and 11. There were 94,443 Irish winners among the 3.3 million prizes given away in total, and you can find full details by taking a look at the latest EuroMillions Results.

The €130 million jackpot proved to be elusive, however, and fans of the game will now be mulling over their options for the next game. Some players may be thinking about selecting different numbers or checking out the EuroMillions Statistics, but another strategy might be to join forces in a syndicate.

Syndicates in Ireland

Ahead of Friday’s Superdraw, Dermot Griffin, the Irish National Lottery’s CEO, noted: "Ireland has a great record with EuroMillions, with a total of 12 jackpot wins since the game launched in 2004. Seven of those were syndicates.” Griffin added: “It can be fun and rewarding to be part of a National Lottery syndicate.”

There were three jackpot-winning syndicates from Ireland just last year. A group of work colleagues from Dublin pocketed an enormous €88.5 million in January 2017, and announced when they came forward that they planned to have a quiet party and go on a series of exciting holidays.

A family syndicate from Co Mayo followed suit in July 2017 when they won €28.9 million. The lucky players talked about how the money would ‘make life easier’ and secure the futures of everyone involved, but they did not want to rush into spending their winnings.

Another family syndicate, this time from Dublin, snapped up a EuroMillions jackpot of €38.9 million in the final draw of 2017. Like the other two groups, they decided to remain anonymous, but did reveal that they wanted to move house, go on holiday to either the Bahamas or the Maldives, and explore a new business venture. 

Why Syndicates Have So Much Joy

The main advantage of playing in a syndicate is that you can quickly and easily enter multiple lines into a draw, which is the only way to boost your chances of winning a EuroMillions prize. While you can also go it alone and buy as many entries as you like, it is far more cost-effective to split the price of those entries with other players.

Of course, you have to split the winnings as well, but if you’re playing with friends or family it means you can enjoy the success together. As an alternative, you can join an online syndicate, where the hard organisational work is done on your behalf but you are still increasing your chances. With the size of the current EuroMillions jackpot, you could in theory join a syndicate of over one hundred players - and therefore have a hundred chances to win - and still walk away a millionaire by winning the top prize.

Your Chance To Win Big

Whether you want to join a syndicate or go it alone, you have to play to have any chance of becoming Ireland’s 13th jackpot winner. Go to any authorised retailer or take part online to put yourself in contention ahead of the next draw. It could well be that the national record for the largest EuroMillions win, currently held by Dolores McNamara (€115.4 million), gets eclipsed in the very near future. Good luck!

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