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Irish EuroMillions Winners Come Forward as Jackpot Hits €180 Million

Irish EuroMillions Winners Come Forward as Jackpot Hits €180 Million

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 12:18 pm

There may have been no jackpot winners in the main EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 26th September, but a group of lottery fans is celebrating after collecting a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus jackpot. With a further two Plus winners crowned last night, ticket holders across the country will now hope for a similar stroke of luck in the main game on Friday night, when the jackpot will be worth a monumental €180 million.

Bere Island EuroMillions Plus Winners

A syndicate from the tiny Bere Island, off the southwest coast of Co Cork, arrived in Dublin yesterday to pocket their €500,000 cheque from the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday 19th September.

The group has decided to remain anonymous, which may be tricky, considering the island boasts a population of just 180 people. However, they made a good start by trekking to the capital yesterday, as it turns out they passed a good proportion of Ireland’s media coming the other way.

“We hear there’s a television crew on the island looking for us this morning,” one member exclaimed to lottery officials. This was backed up by RTE journalist Paschal Sheehy, who tweeted, “While some media are camped on #BereIsland, the winning #EuroMillions syndicate just collected their cheque IN DUBLIN.”

More EuroMillions Plus Winners

The Bere Island winners may have now vacated the sofas in the National Lottery’s winners’ room, but they may still be warm when the next parade of EuroMillions Plus winners filters through to pick up their prizes. Last night’s draw saw two tickets match the numbers 17, 31, 37, 40 and 46 in the Irish-only supplementary game.

The 22nd and 23rd winners of EuroMillions Plus’ top prize this year will receive €500,000 each. One played their lucky line at the Kilmoon Service Station in Ashbourne, Co Meath, whilst the other bought thie ticket at the branch of Dunnes Stores in Newbridge, Co Kildare.

EuroMillions Jackpot Keeps Growing

Not only is there another chance to add your name to the extraordinarily long list of 2017 EuroMillions Plus winners this Friday, but there is also a life-changing €180 million jackpot to play for in the multinational lottery.

If you win the full amount, you will become Ireland’s biggest ever lottery winner and you and your descendants for many generations to come will be set up for life. After visiting Dublin to confirm your win, just like the Bere Island winners, you too will have to choose whether to remain anonymous or to go public.

Going Public or Staying Private?

The country’s current record holder, Dolores McNamara of Limerick, faced the press after her €115.4 million success in 2005. However, Ireland’s second richest lottery player, who bought their ticket in Beaumont, Dublin, stayed private and would only reveal that they were “thrilled” to share a €187.9 million EuroMillions jackpot with a Belgian participant in June 2013.

If you would like to be in the enviable position of having to make that decision, you can buy EuroMillions tickets at authorised retailers. Good luck!

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