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Ireland Only Raffle Offers €1 Million Prize Tonight

Ireland Only Raffle Offers €1 Million Prize Tonight

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:57 pm

A small piece of history will be made tonight when one player becomes the first winner of €1 million on the Ireland Only Raffle. The game usually offers ten prizes of €5,000 in every draw, but a special draw has been arranged to guarantee that one lucky ticket holder will become a millionaire.

The Ireland Only Raffle was launched back in September to mark a host of changes made to EuroMillions. Participants win €5,000 if the unique code on their ticket matches one of the ten drawn at random, but this evening those ten winners will then be placed into a separate draw and one will also receive a stunning seven-figure prize.

It has already been quite a start to 2017 for Irish EuroMillions players, with a Dublin syndicate winning a huge jackpot of €88.5 million last month and lots of other notable successes. Just this week, a young couple from Co Galway came forward to collect a prize of €369,791 from the draw on 3rd February, while a man from Meath picked up his €239,149 cheque after matching five main numbers and a Lucky Star on 17th January.

The lucky Meath man, who bought his ticket at the Tesco store in Ashbourne, told National Lottery officials: “I have always considered myself to be very lucky to have a wonderful family and a blessed life. To win a quarter of a million euro is just the cherry on top. After I pay some bills and look after my daughter’s college fees, I will definitely be treating myself to a flash sports car in the coming weeks.”

Another big winner is guaranteed tonight in the Ireland Only Raffle, while the EuroMillions jackpot stands at €17 million. You can get your tickets from all National Lottery retailers or choose your favourite numbers online. Good luck!

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