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Ireland Only Raffle Guarantees Two Millionaires in One Week

Ireland Only Raffle Guarantees Two Millionaires in One Week

Last Updated: Monday 17th August 2020, 10:15 am

The Irish National Lottery is holding two special events this week, giving EuroMillions players a double chance to win €1 million on top of the regular draws. One millionaire will be created in Tuesday’s Ireland Only Raffle, and another on Friday.

€1 Million Winning Raffle Codes

The winning codes from the two promotional draws will be available on the Ireland Only Raffle page and here, after each draw has taken place.

How the Promotional Raffle Draws Work

The Ireland Only Raffle takes place alongside every EuroMillions draw, but the game only offers €1 million payouts occasionally throughout the year. Two opportunities in one week is very rare indeed and you don’t need to do anything different to normal to take part - it just might be the perfect time to grab an advance ticket.

You will automatically receive a raffle code on your ticket for every line of EuroMillions numbers you play. This code will always begin with ‘I’, followed by three more letters and then five numbers.

Look out for the EuroMillions Results after each draw - you will see 10 winning raffle codes. If you match one of these codes exactly, with each letter or number in the same position, you win. The prize is usually a fixed €5,000 in a regular draw, but special events work in a slightly different way.

Each of the 10 winners receives €5,000, but then a separate draw is also held in which one of those ticket holders is selected at random. That lucky player is given an extra €1 million, taking their total prize to €1,005,000.

The odds of winning depend on how many tickets are sold, but are considerably better than the chances of landing the main EuroMillions jackpot - which are 1 in 139,838,160. The €1 million prizes are also guaranteed to be won as only the codes that have been generated are entered into the raffle. One winner will be created on Tuesday 11th August and one on Friday 14th.

It is possible to win an Ireland Only Raffle prize and a prize in the main EuroMillions game on the same night. The jackpot is already back up to €73 million, having rolled over five times in a row since it was last won.

It was a player from Ireland who banked that last jackpot, €49 million, on Tuesday 21st July. You could now become the next big winner this week by either scooping the top prize or a special Ireland Only Raffle award. Take part online or visit a local retailer.

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