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Historic Jackpot Double For Irish Lottery Players

Historic Jackpot Double For Irish Lottery Players

Last Updated: Monday 11th October 2021, 12:06 pm

For the first time in history, EuroMillions and Irish Lotto are both offering their maximum jackpots at the same time. It all adds up to a momentous week for Irish Lottery players, with more prize money up for grabs than ever before.

Irish Lotto Still at Jackpot Cap

Irish Lotto was first to reach its jackpot cap, hitting €19 million in the draw on Wednesday 29th September and becoming the largest of all time.

It will remain at its cap until someone matches all six main numbers and writes their name into the record books. In the meantime, Irish Lotto will continue to create big winners in lower tiers, as the money that would usually go to the jackpot is diverted to the next highest category.

On Saturday 9th October, for example, a single participant matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win €1.2 million. The ticket was purchased online by a player from Co Sligo.

The last time there was a single winner in the Match 5 plus Bonus category, before the jackpot cap was hit, the prize was worth €257,723.

When the Irish Lotto jackpot is eventually won, it will break a record which has lasted more than 13 years. A syndicate of quarry workers from Co Carlow scooped €18.96 million back in June 2008.

€220 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot has also climbed to its maximum of €220 million, having rolled over for two weeks since a Superdraw bumped up the top prize to €130 million.

Unlike Irish Lotto, the EuroMillions jackpot cannot stay at its cap indefinitely. It can only remain at €220 million for four draws at the most, before it must be won in the following draw. Until there is a winner, the jackpot money will roll down to lower tiers in the same way as Irish Lotto.

For both games, the jackpot cap rules help to make it more likely that you will pick up a larger prie than normal when you win in the second category. There’s also the chance that you will become Ireland’s biggest-ever Lotto or EuroMillions winner.

Take part online or in-store, then check the latest results straight after every draw. EuroMillions is played on Tuesdays and Fridays, with Lotto on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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