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Who Are Ireland’s Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Winners?

Who Are Ireland’s Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Winners?

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:08 pm

EuroMillions players across Ireland have a chance to become the country’s biggest ever winner in tonight’s draw, with a €129 million jackpot available after a run of 12 rollovers. But who currently holds the Irish record and what have some of the previous big winners done with their money? Here’s a rundown of the top five.

1.) Dolores McNamara, a part-time cleaning lady and mother of six from Limerick, remains the largest winner in Ireland’s history after bagging €115.4 million on 29th July 2005. At the time, it was the biggest lottery prize ever given away in Europe, and she found out about her success while watching the draw on television at her local pub. Dolores went on to spend €2 million on the 38-acre Lough Derg Hall in Killaloe, Clare before also buying houses in the area for her children.

2.) A lucky ticket holder from Beaumont split a staggering jackpot of €187.9 million with a player from Belgium on 25th June 2013. The player decided to stay anonymous, but revealed in a statement that they were excited to be able to explore new opportunities after landing almost €94 million.

3.) A Dublin syndicate scooped €88.5 million on Tuesday 24th January, the largest prize to have been given away on EuroMillions in 2017 so far. Picking up their cheque, the group said they were looking forward to having ‘financial freedom’ and planned to celebrate by booking a series of holidays in the sunshine.

4.) There was also jackpot joy for a syndicate from Dublin back on 19th September 2014. They opted to keep their identities private, but revealed at National Lottery headquarters that they felt ‘on top of the world’.

5.) A lucky syndicate snapped up €66 million on 29th January after splitting a jackpot of €132 million with a French participant. The group of friends described themselves as ‘dumbstruck’ to have won ‘riches beyond their wildest dreams’ as they began to look forward to a bright future.

If there is a single winner from Ireland in tonight’s draw they will shoot straight to the top of the list. They will be able to splash the cash on living out all their dreams, whether that is buying a host of expensive homes for loved ones or purchasing a range of new sports cars.

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