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Where to Keep a Winning Irish Lotto Ticket

Where to Keep a Winning Irish Lotto Ticket

Last Updated: Tuesday 30th January 2018, 10:33 am

After you discover you have hit the jackpot with your lottery numbers, and once the initial screaming and celebrations have died down, you have another tough task to negotiate. Where should you keep a winning Lotto ticket? It needs to be somewhere safe and memorable, and a recent €5.4 million Irish Lotto winner found the perfect location.

Dublin Airport Lotto Winner

“I was looking to see where the safest place was for the ticket”, a daughter in a family syndicate, who bought their winning Irish Lotto slip in the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport just before Christmas, told lottery officials, “so I tucked it into the cup of a sports bra and then hid it in the very back of my wardrobe just to be doubly safe.”

The ticket had lived in her car for two days following the draw on Saturday 23rd December, until her mum heard where the winner had been purchased and the family checked their numbers. On discovering their €5.4 million good fortune, the ensuing merrymaking even saw one family member fall on the floor with excitement.

UK Lotto Winner Keeps Ticket in Glass Jar

A recent UK Lotto winner also travelled around for days with a valuable slip in his car. Taxi driver Amo Riselli picked up £24.5 million (€27.8 million) on 27th December last year and also managed to motor around with the ticket in his glove compartment for a couple of days. After discovering his win, his mum kept it in a glass jar in her kitchen, making sure she checked at regular intervals that it was still there.

Where NOT to Keep a Winning Lotto Ticket

If you play at retailers and receive paper tickets, you have to be extremely careful to keep them safe, as they are the only proof of your entitlement to the prize. Irish lottery players have suffered some close shaves in the past when it comes to looking after playslips.

In May 2016, a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus winner from Dublin only noticed his win when his wife ordered him to tidy up a pile of paperwork he had left on their bedroom floor. There were a number of unchecked lottery tickets amongst the receipts and invoices, including the slip worth half a million Euro.

Just a week later, a couple from Wicklow had to trawl through their kitchen bin to retrieve a winning €250,000 Lotto Plus 2 ticket that they had thrown away two days previously.

How to Keep Irish Lotto Tickets Safe

The best way to ensure you never lose your Irish Lotto ticket is to play online. Online tickets can’t be stolen or damaged and are always associated with you, so you never miss out on a prize. Lower level payouts go straight into your account, with details given on the process to pick up larger awards, and you receive an email to tell you to log in and discover the value of your prize.

Choose your Irish Lotto numbers online right now ahead of tomorrow’s €4 million draw!

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