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Long-Lasting Friendship Leads to EuroMillions Win

Long-Lasting Friendship Leads to EuroMillions Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:28 pm

Winning a EuroMillions prize of any size is certainly satisfying, but being able to share the experience with your best friend can be all the more joyous. That is the situation two men from Dublin found themselves in following a win of €379,410, a triumph that they have credited to their long-lasting friendship and traditions.

The pair, who regularly spend time together over a pint, had purchased their Quick Pick ticket from Tesco Metro in Terenure, Dublin, ahead of the draw on Friday 6th January. “For many years, we have met religiously in the pub every weekend to watch the football matches on TV and we would always club a few bob together to do the EuroMillions draw for the following Friday night,” one of the men told National Lottery officials. “Everybody wants to win the Lottery. You rarely ever believe that it could happen to you!”

It was this commitment to their companionship that would eventually prove so fruitful. “With the busy Christmas period, I forgot to check all of our tickets so I went into a shop to have them scanned before last weekend,” said the man. “Our first ticket won €30 and I thought, fantastic! That’ll buy us a few pints. When scanned, the second ticket told me to contact National Lottery offices so I thought we might have won a little bit more. I just couldn’t believe it when I was told on the phone that we’d nearly won €400,000.”

One of their tickets had matched all five main numbers and one of the two Lucky Stars, netting the friends a sensational six-figure sum. Rather than immediately telling his pal the glorious news, the man decided to wait until the pair’s next drink together: “When we sat down with two pints, I told him that we had won a few quid on the National Lottery over the past few weeks,” he explained. “I showed him the winning €30 ticket and he was delighted but I stopped him in his tracks to say that there was more good news. I then slipped him a folded up piece of paper with ‘€379,410’ written on it.”

Understandably overjoyed, the two men, who have opted to remain anonymous, sat together and exchanged glances as they both came to terms with their newfound windfall: “It was a lovely moment. We just sat there, grinning like Cheshire cats.”

The two close compatriots weren’t the only ticket holders from Ireland to beat the January blues with a huge EuroMillions win. Tuesday night’s €72.1 million EuroMillions jackpot may have eluded players across the continent, but one player from the Emerald Isle managed to match all five main draw numbers and one Lucky Number to claim a prize worth €239,149.

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