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Irish Punters Win Big on EuroMillions Bets

Irish Punters Win Big on EuroMillions Bets

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 15:42 pm

A trio of punters have won big after placing bets on the outcome of the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday 28th November. The BoyleSports customers each secured five-figure sums totalling more than €62,000 after their numbers appeared in the draw, a result that no doubt sparked plenty of wild celebrations.

EuroMillions Plus Delight in Dublin

Two of the three lottery fans placed their bets in the same Dublin shop, proving that lightning really can strike twice. The prosperous pair put down a combined wager of €20, only to be greeted with the news that their numbers had come up, generating a joint win of €46,500.

The first lucky EuroMillions Plus enthusiast correctly matched the numbers 4, 11, 19 and 34 to claim €33,001, the biggest of the three wins, after placing a €1 bet. The second punter staked a total of €9 on 4, 11 and 19, before ending the evening €13,509 richer.

Online Ecstasy

The third bettor to profit from the draw played their numbers online and placed a stake of €10. The numbers matched were 11, 19 and 34, resulting in a win of €15,010, a figure that dwarfed the €2,000 the punter would have won if they had played through an authorised retailer.   

BoyleSports’ spokeswoman Aoife Heffron was on hand to give her take on the terrific trio of winners: “It is extremely rare to see three customers win on the same draw, but the two Dubliners and online customer certainly defied the odds when their EuroMillions bets racked up a monumental €62,520 payout for BoyleSports.”

An Incredible Run of Luck

This triple win comes just weeks after another BoyleSports punter landed an incredible €16,500 after placing a €0.50 bet on four numbers in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday 31st October. The lucky Wexford player beat odds of 33,000 to 1 by correctly predicting the numbers 8, 23, 41 and 42, a result which led to high praise from Heffron, who hailed the win as “fantastic”.

“There has been an influx of large Lotto or EuroMillions winners in the past couple weeks, with their stakes never exceeding €1, showing that you don’t have to break the bank to reap big rewards,” she added.

Could You Be Next?

If you fancy your chances of predicting this Friday’s EuroMillions numbers, you can bet online at’s partner lottery betting site, or play through any authorised retailer across the Republic. Good luck!

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