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Ireland Only Raffle To Make A Millionaire On Friday 5th July

Ireland Only Raffle To Make A Millionaire On Friday 5th July

Last Updated: Monday 1st July 2019, 16:01 pm

One EuroMillions player is guaranteed to become a millionaire in the Ireland Only Raffle on Friday 5th July. A special draw has been scheduled to give one of the ten lucky raffle winners an additional €1 million, boosting their payout to €1,005,000.

How the Raffle Works

You are automatically entered into the Ireland Only Raffle at no extra cost if you buy a EuroMillions ticket in Ireland. You receive a unique code for every line of numbers you play on the main game, consisting of four letters and five numbers. It is easy to identify the code on your ticket as it will always begin with an ‘I’, but the rest of it is random.

Ten winning codes are randomly selected alongside every EuroMillions draw, and the prize per winner in a standard draw is €5,000. However, Friday’s big event will be slightly different to normal, with one of the winning codes selected in a separate draw to receive an extra €1 million. The other nine ticket holders will still receive their €5,000 as normal.

To enter Friday’s Ireland Only Raffle, you just have to purchase an entry the same way as any other draw. Just remember to check your raffle code as well as your EuroMillions numbers after the draw. It is entirely possible that you could win a raffle prize and a EuroMillions prize on the same night.

The odds of winning the raffle vary from draw to draw depending on how many tickets are sold, but your chances are better than in some other raffles run by other National Lotteries as there are always ten winners rather than just one or two. Your chances also improve if you buy more tickets.

Special Raffle Draws

The draw on Friday 5th July will be the first Ireland Only Raffle of its kind for almost a year, making it a special occasion for fans of the game all over the country. A ticket holder from Waterford scooped the last €1 million prize in August 2018, while there were a few other draws in 2017 and 2018 which guaranteed that one player would become a millionaire.

The Irish National Lottery has also held promotions in the Lotto Plus Raffle, splitting an extra €1 million prize pot between all the winners rather than selecting one at random. The Lotto Plus Raffle is a supplementary game to Irish Lotto, but you have to pay a small additional fee to take part in all the Lotto Plus games, whereas there is no extra cost to play the Ireland Only Raffle.

Irish players have enjoyed a huge amount of success in 2019, most notably the EuroMillions players from Co Dublin who won €175 million back in February, and now another millionaire is sure to be created in time for the weekend. You have to be in it to win it, though, and you can either visit an authorised retailer to buy your ticket or take part online. Good luck!

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