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Ireland Only Raffle To Create New Millionaire on 10th January

Ireland Only Raffle To Create New Millionaire on 10th January

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th January 2020, 09:39 am

The Irish National Lottery has announced that one EuroMillions player is guaranteed to become a millionaire on Friday 10th January. The prize will be given away as part of the Ireland Only Raffle, making it the perfect start to the year for the lucky winner.

Special Draw Adds €1 Million to Prize Pot

Special editions of the Ireland Only Raffle have become a regular feature over the past couple of years, with an extra €1 million added to the prize pot now and again to make the game even more eagerly anticipated than usual.

The raffle works the same way as normal, with 10 winning codes selected at random from all of the entries into the draw. These codes are generated automatically every time you buy a EuroMillions ticket, with one code for each line you play.

The code consists of nine characters - four letters (always starting with an I) and five numbers. You cannot pick your own code, and you must match one of the 10 winning codes exactly in order to win.

In a standard draw, each winner receives €5,000. However, in a special event such as the upcoming draw on Friday, one of the 10 winners is randomly chosen to get an extra €1 million. The total payout for this ticket holder will therefore be €1,005,000.

It is also possible to win an Ireland Only Raffle prize on the same night as you win a prize on the main EuroMillions game, and there promises to be another colossal jackpot on offer after a run of rollovers over the festive season.

Dublin Winners Before Christmas

The Irish National Lottery held two special editions of the Ireland Only Raffle in back-to-back draws on Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th December. Both winning tickets were sold in Dublin and gave the winners even more reason to look forward to Christmas.

The Dublin father who won on 6th December described himself as ‘overwhelmed by the enormity’ of his seven-figure win, revealing when he came forward over a week later that he still had not told a soul.

He said: “I don’t want to make a big announcement to everybody and immediately start spending like a millionaire. I have some meetings organised with the bank, so they will put me on the right path to spending wisely. In the meantime, however, I intend to put some of the money away for Christmas and spoil my family in a way that they don’t think that I’ve won a million euro.”

One player is guaranteed to follow in the last winner’s footsteps this Friday, so make sure to give yourself a chance by picking up a ticket before the draw. You can then check the EuroMillions Results to see if you have won. Best of luck!

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