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Get Ready For Special Ireland Only Raffle Draw

Get Ready For Special Ireland Only Raffle Draw

Last Updated: Wednesday 9th August 2023, 15:20 pm

For the second time in the space of a month, the Ireland Only Raffle will be giving away a guaranteed €1 million prize this Friday night.

You are automatically included in this add-on draw whenever you buy a EuroMillions ticket in Ireland - you receive a nine-digit code for every line of numbers you play, consisting of four letters and five numbers.

Ten codes are selected at random alongside the main EuroMillions draw, and you win a prize if you match every letter and number in the correct position.

The standard prize is €5,000, but special raffles take place from time to time when one ticket holder gets to become a millionaire. A second draw is held - just including the 10 winners - and one of them is randomly selected to receive an extra €1 million, taking the total prize up to €1,005,000.

Just a few weeks ago, on Friday 28th July, a Dublin-based online player became a millionaire, and now someone else will follow suit on 11th August.

Your odds of winning depend entirely on how many tickets are sold for the draw, but there are always ten chances to land a prize, even if you miss out on the million.

It is even possible to win a prize on the Ireland Only Raffle on the same night as you win a EuroMIllions prize.

The EuroMillions jackpot currently stands at €39 million. You can check your numbers, and raffle code, straight after every draw.

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