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Four Facts You May Not Know About Big EuroMillions Jackpots

Four Facts You May Not Know About Big EuroMillions Jackpots

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:07 pm

A magnificent EuroMillions jackpot of €152 million will be up for grabs in Friday night’s draw, offering players an opportunity to pick up one of the biggest prizes in the history of the game. Find out some of the little-known facts about big EuroMillions jackpots you may not have been aware of.

1.) If a single player scoops Friday’s top prize they will become the eighth largest winner since EuroMillions was launched in 2004. The last time a bigger jackpot was awarded was in October 2016, when a Belgian player landed €168 million. No irish participant has ever won such a large amount, and Dolores McNamara still holds the national record for her €115.4 million EuroMillions win in 2005.

2.) The EuroMillions jackpot has never rolled over 15 times in a row. Tuesday’s draw marked the 14th rollover in succession. The only two previous occasions when the jackpot has rolled over 14 times, it has been won in the next draw.

3.) Friday has been the luckiest day for EuroMillions players, with 299 jackpots won at the end of the working week compared to just 66 on a Tuesday. There have been 26 jackpot winners in the month of June since EuroMillions started, while the second day of the month has produced 17 winners.

4.) The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €190 million. The top prize has reached this level on two previous occasions. Firstly, in August 2012, when UK players Adrian and Gillian Bayford matched five main numbers plus two Lucky Stars, and then again in October 2014 when a Portuguese participant won the full prize.

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