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EuroMillions Plus Win To Help Tipperary Man Care For Parents

EuroMillions Plus Win To Help Tipperary Man Care For Parents

Last Updated: Friday 16th March 2018, 08:45 am

A Tipperary man who cares for his parents has described the difference that €500,000 will make to his life after winning the top prize in EuroMillions Plus last week. The lucky player is still in a state of disbelief and has not yet shared the news with his nearest and dearest.

He matched all five numbers drawn in the supplementary game on Friday 9th March, having bought a EuroMillions ticket at KXL Store in the Ormonde Centre in Clonmel on the day of the draw and added the EuroMillions Plus option.

Still Sinking In

He visited National Lottery headquarters in Dublin this week to claim his prize and revealed how the money would help him to support his mother and father. He said: “This is life-changing. I really don’t believe it still. This win will mean the absolute world to me and my family. Being a carer is a tough job and while it is not always financially viable, it is without doubt one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet.

“I love my job caring for my parents and would not dream of doing anything else at the moment. However, the half a million prize will allow me to properly support my family financially for the foreseeable future and it will allow us the freedom to make decisions without having to worry about costs.”

The winner has decided to keep his identity a private, and has even been keeping his good fortune very quiet around those who know him. He explained: “I haven’t really told anybody yet because it still doesn’t feel real! I’m still expecting somebody to tell me that it’s been a mistake and I haven’t won anything! Once the win sinks in properly, I’ll discreetly tell those closest to me and we’ll enjoy some quiet celebrations in the next few days.”

The lucky player from Tipperary was one of two winners of the EuroMillions Plus top prize last Friday. Unlike many other lotteries, the jackpot is not shared in EuroMillions Plus. Instead, everyone who matches all five numbers receives €500,000. The game also offers prizes for matching three or four numbers, and the odds of winning the jackpot are far better than the chances of winning on the main game.

Special Draw

You have to play EuroMillions to be able to enter EuroMillions Plus, and on Friday night there is a special draw ahead of St Patrick’s Day. The Ireland Only Raffle is set to create a millionaire, in addition to giving out all the usual prizes.

A EuroMillions jackpot of €61.5 million was won by a Portuguese player on Tuesday night, leaving the top prize at €17 million ahead of the next draw. You can take part by choosing numbers online or visiting an authorised retailer. Best of luck!

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