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Could You Join the Irish Rich List With a EuroMillions Win?

Could You Join the Irish Rich List With a EuroMillions Win?

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 12:47 pm

With a EuroMillions jackpot of €155 million on the horizon, lottery lovers across the Emerald Isle are hurriedly snapping up tickets ahead of what is set to be the biggest pan-European prize of the year. But just where on Ireland’s rich list would a reward of this size land you?

However you view this Friday’s jackpot, €155 million is a lot of money. For many, the idea of winning a EuroMillions Plus prize of €500,000 is good enough, but this figure is over 300 times the size of that ample supplementary sum. In fact, this is such a colossal amount of cash that it would elevate you so high up the Irish rich list that you would overtake some of the country's biggest and best-loved actors and pop stars.

Richest Irish Pop Stars

There is no denying that Ireland’s contribution to pop music has been huge. From Boyzone to Westlife, B*Witched to U2, this fair land has been responsible for producing some of the western world’s biggest chart hits. So how many of these hard-working pop stars could you surpass with a EuroMillions win?

Well, you could easily dwarf the fortune amassed by the Irish wing of boyband One Direction, with Mullingar-born Niall Horan only able to boast a fortune of €44 million. You’d also be able to financially out-muscle Life is a Rollercoaster singer Ronan Keating (€20 million) and the X Factor’s ever-jolly judge Louis Walsh (€17 million).

Richest Irish Film and Sports Stars

Landing a €155 million jackpot would also see you overtake some of the finest acting talent this country has churned out, including Taken star Liam Neeson (€62 million) and Magneto himself, Michael Fassbender (€24 million). The same applies for the Isle’s sports stars, with the combined wealth of golfer Rory McIlroy and Irish footballing legend Robbie Keane (both €41 million) unable to touch your mammoth haul. 

Of course, the EuroMillions jackpot can only grow so high, meaning that winning enough money to top Ryanair’s billionaire chief executive Michael O’Leary is impossible, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same jetset lifestyle as the 56-year-old businessman.

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