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€2.9 Million Irish Lotto Winner From Co Cavan Keeps Win A Secret

€2.9 Million Irish Lotto Winner From Co Cavan Keeps Win A Secret

Last Updated: Thursday 28th June 2018, 11:23 am

An Irish Lotto ticket holder who won a €2.9 million jackpot earlier this month has revealed that he has kept his news secret from everyone, including friends, family and work colleagues. No one knows the identity of the jackpot winner, apart from National Lottery officials in Dublin, and it is going to remain that way after the player from Co Cavan “hasn’t told a soul” about his seven-figure windfall.

“I haven’t told a soul. Absolutely nobody knows, not even my family”

The lucky winner became the second of three Irish Lotto jackpot winners this month after matching the numbers 5, 21, 25, 29, 41 and 43 in the draw on Wednesday 13th June. They bought their Quick Pick ticket the day before the draw from the Spa XL Service Station in Swanlinbar, Co Cavan.

It wasn’t until the week after the draw that the new multi-millionaire, who has played Lotto for many years, realised he was the owner of the jackpot-winning ticket. He said: “I knew that there was a winner locally but I just assumed that somebody had already come forward to claim the prize. I had a good few lottery tickets folded up in my wallet and I was none the wiser.

“I was reading the Anglo Celt newspaper over the weekend and they listed the numbers so I took the tickets out to check them and that’s when it hit me. It’s a massive shock so I’m taking it one step at a time until I get used to having nearly €3 million in my bank account. I haven’t told a soul.”

Not only has the winner decided to remain anonymous to the media, avoiding the glare of the public spotlight, but they’ve kept their win completely under wraps – not even revealing the secret to their nearest and dearest. Staying private can help to avoid requests for money from distant connections and relatives, and helps to prevent begging letters from members of the public who will know your name and maybe other personal details if you decide to go public with your jackpot win.

The winner, who has avoided these potential concerns, continued: “Absolutely nobody knows, not even my family. I am going to get some good advice about what I am going to do with the money and as soon as all of this commotion has died down, I will be able to relax a little more.”

Become The Fourth Jackpot Winner of The Month

It has been an incredible month for Irish Lotto players, with a €2 million jackpot scooped in the following draw just three days later. There was also a €4.3 million top prize won in the Mid-West of Ireland on 2nd June. You can choose your numbers this Saturday’s draw worth €3.5 million to be in with a chance of becoming the lottery’s fourth jackpot winner of the month.

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