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Special Lotto Plus Raffle Draw on Saturday 6th March

Special Lotto Plus Raffle Draw on Saturday 6th March

Last Updated: Thursday 4th March 2021, 10:56 am

It promises to be a bumper draw for a number of Irish Lotto players on Saturday 6th March, with an extra €1 million guaranteed to be paid out in the Lotto Plus Raffle.

These special events, known as Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffles, only take place a few times a year. You don't have to do anything different to enter and there is no extra cost. Just add the ‘Plus’ option when you take part in Lotto.

You automatically receive a Lotto Plus Raffle code - consisting of four digits from 0000 to 9999 - for every line of Lotto numbers you have entered into the main draw. A winning code is randomly selected on the night and players who have matched it receive €500 each in a standard draw.

In a Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle, an additional €1 million is put into the prize pot and divided between all the winners. There are usually around 100 Raffle winners in each draw, although the numbers always varies slightly, so lucky players can expect to receive approximately €10,000. This is on top of the €500 they are already guaranteed to receive.

You can win prizes on both Lotto and Lotto Plus, including the Raffle, on the same night. The overall odds of winning a prize when you combine Lotto and Lotto Plus are 1 in 10. It could just be that you land a share of the extra €1 million or even win the big Irish Lotto jackpot.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap Rises After Record Win

The EuroMillions jackpot cap has increased to €220 million following the biggest-ever payout in the history of the game last Friday.

The jackpot for 26th February was worth a record-breaking €210 million and it was won by a single ticket holder. The all-important entry was sold in Switzerland.

The rules of the game allow for the jackpot cap to rise by €10 million after each time it has been won at its maximum amount, so it now moves up to its new value of €220 million. This sets up the possibility that the record could be broken again in the coming months.

Find out more about the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap and how it works, and take part in the next draw for your chance to win the next multimillion-euro prize.

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