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Munster Man ‘Didn’t Let Ticket Out of Sight’ After EuroMillions Win

Munster Man ‘Didn’t Let Ticket Out of Sight’ After EuroMillions Win

Last Updated: Thursday 8th March 2018, 10:13 am

A man from Co Tipperary has explained how he went to great lengths to keep his ticket safe after winning the top prize on EuroMillions Plus. The lucky player was unable to get to National Lottery headquarters in Dublin for over a week due to the snowy conditions, but he never let the ticket out of his sight ‘for a minute’.

He bought his ticket for the draw on Friday 23rd February at Michael O’Brien’s Spar shop in Borrisokane, and was later stunned to discover that he was one of four players to match the full winning line. At the time when he checked his numbers, a neighbour was in his house, so he locked himself into his bathroom because he wanted to keep the news a secret.

He explained: “I was determined that nobody outside the family knows about the win so I couldn’t wait for the neighbour to leave so I could let out a big cheer and celebrate with my wife!”

The lucky winner also revealed the steps he took to make sure the ticket stayed safe, adding: "I kept the ticket in my work jacket during the day, and put it in the bedside locker every night. It wasn’t out of my sight for a minute!”

EuroMillions Plus Prizes

There was a further pleasant surprise for the player, who has decided to remain anonymous, when he found out just how much he had won. He had thought that the €500,000 prize would be split between all four winners, when in fact all EuroMillions Plus prizes are fixed.

He said: "I presumed that the four winners were sharing €500,000 and imagine my delight when I learned that we all had won €500,000 each! I would have been happy with €125,000 so this was a bonus."

The winner is now planning to use his €500,000 to help his three children get on the property ladder, while he is also looking forward to going on his first holiday in around 20 years.

He said: “I am so excited about this win because it means I can help my three children to get set up with their own houses. What a great way for me and my wife to spend this money.

"They are young people starting out in life and this will mean a lot to them."

Choose Numbers

EuroMillions Plus is a supplementary game to EuroMillions which can be played for a small additional fee and offers far better odds of winning the €500,000 jackpot than the chances of winning the top prize in EuroMillions.

The EuroMillions jackpot, meanwhile, is up to a magnificent €50 million for Friday night’s draw following three consecutive rollovers. Choose your numbers online or go to any authorised retailer in Ireland. Good luck!

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