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Limerick Winner Reveals ‘Spending List’ She’s Had Ready for Four Years

Limerick Winner Reveals ‘Spending List’ She’s Had Ready for Four Years

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 14:15 pm

While many lottery players might not consider what they would do in the event of a big win, one woman from Limerick who snapped up €500,000 on EuroMillions Plus has revealed that she had kept a list ready for four years. The lucky lady bagged the top prize on 14th August after buying a €3 Quick Pick entry online, and came forward recently to collect her winnings from National Lottery headquarters.

The woman, who has decided not to reveal her identity, says the list has been sat safely on her bedside table and will now come in extremely useful as she and her husband digest the wonderful news. She said in the Limerick Post: “I wanted to be prepared, just in case it ever happened. I didn’t want us to lose the run of ourselves if we ever won anything! My husband thought I was mad to keep it all these years but I had a feeling it would come in handy one day.”

The couple’s plans for their winnings may have been carefully set out for years, but the canny winner did not give much away when asked how they would spend their money. She said: “We’ll have to consult our list first. We’d like to get a new car and pay for some home improvements. We’re really looking forward to being able to treat our friends and family a little too.”

EuroMillions Plus is a popular game in Ireland which gives EuroMillions players another chance to win prizes. Draws are made after the the main EuroMillions game on Tuesday and Friday evenings and participants can win up to €500,000 for matching the five numbers drawn. Find out more information on how to play EuroMillions Plus and see the latest results.

Irish lottery fans have another chance to play EuroMillions on Friday night, when the jackpot will be heading for €30 million after a double rollover. There is also EuroMillions Plus if you fancy following in the footsteps of the lucky winner from Limerick, while the Irish Lotto on Saturday night will have a top prize of €7.5 million. Whether you’re keen on EuroMillions, Irish Lotto or both, you can choose your numbers online or pop down to an authorised lottery retailer in Ireland. You could even make a list beforehand of what you might do with your winnings and then check to see if it works for you. Best of luck!

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