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EuroMillions Jackpot Capped at €190 Million Ahead of 27th September Draw

EuroMillions Jackpot Capped at €190 Million Ahead of 27th September Draw

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:30 pm

The EuroMillions jackpot remains to be won, after continuing to roll over since reaching the €190 million cap. The cap guarantees larger prizes for lower prize-tier winners in the upcoming draw on the 27th September.

The EuroMillions jackpot approached its maximum size of €190 million on Friday 20th September, when no one managed to win €189.6 million in the top prize tier. The jackpot has since rolled over again, when on Tuesday 24th September it remained untouched - meaning €190 million will once again be up for grabs on Friday 27th September.

In Tuesday’s draw, the closest three tickets to the top prize won in the second prize tier, matching all five main numbers but only one of the Lucky Stars. However, as the ticket revenue originally destined for the jackpot fund was rolled down to the next-lowest tier, those three tickets still laid claim to an impressive multi-million euro prize. Two of the three, won in Belgium and Austria respectively, scooped €5.1 million each, while the remaining ticket - won in the UK - claimed £3.6 million.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap

The €190 million top prize on offer this Friday is only the fourth time in history that the EuroMillions jackpot has reached its maximum amount. The jackpot cap was introduced as a rule in 2009, replacing a cap that prevented the top prize from rolling over more than 11 times. When the rule was first created, the cap was set at €185 million, with the condition that if the cap was reached, it would be increased by €5 million in future draws. The cap was frozen at €190 million in 2012.

Biggest EuroMillions Prize in Ireland?

If the jackpot is won by a single ticket in Ireland on Friday, it would not only be the largest EuroMillions prize won in the country, but also the largest ever lottery prize in the country’s history. Even if an Irish ticket was one of two jackpot winners, the prize would list in the top three for biggest jackpots in the country.

The current record for the largest jackpot won in Ireland goes to a €175 million EuroMillions prize, won in February by a single ticket sold in Co. Dublin. Though the ticket-holder remained anonymous, they did reveal that the ticket belonged to a large family syndicate.

An Irish winner was also part of an even larger jackpot, offered in 2013. A €187.9 million jackpot was split between an Irish ticket-holder and a Belgian ticket-holder on the 25th June that year. Each received €93.9 million, with the Irish ticket-holder becoming the third-biggest EuroMillions winner in the country.

Entries to the record-breaking EuroMillions draw on Friday 27th September close shortly before the draw takes place. Choose your numbers online or from an authorised retailer, or find out more about taking part in this historic draw with our How to Play guide.

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