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€14.6 Million Lotto Ticket Was ‘Last Minute’ for Dublin Winners

€14.6 Million Lotto Ticket Was ‘Last Minute’ for Dublin Winners

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2024, 13:21 pm

A Dublin family has highlighted the benefits of playing online after coming forward to claim the €14.6 million Irish Lotto jackpot that was won on Saturday 27th January.

After a run of 30 draws without a winner, the jackpot had grown to its largest amount in more than two years. One lucky ticket matched all the numbers, with the Irish Lottery revealing afterwards that it was the biggest-ever Lotto prize to be won online.

The winner had 90 days to officially make their claim, but it turns out the family syndicate had realised on the night itself. The winners have now visited the Irish Lottery’s headquarters to collect the money. 

“To be honest the ticket purchase was totally last minute. We only thought of it by chance after 7pm that evening so it was a bit of a rush to make sure we logged on and got the ticket before the (7.45pm) deadline,” one family member said.

"There wasn’t a chance that any of us was going to make a dash to the shop at that stage so we have definitely learned one of the benefits of playing online.”

The player who checked the ticket added that they were left ‘speechless’ for a few minutes before they shared the news with the rest of the family. While it took some time for the shock to wear off, they did not have a problem going to sleep that night.

As the Dublin winners discovered, playing online is quick and simple and means you can take part in a draw at the last minute without having to dash out to a retailer. It is also more secure than buying a paper ticket, as there is no way your numbers can get lost, stolen or damaged.

If they had not won, the Lotto jackpot could have kept growing until it reached its cap of €19.06 million. The cap has been set at this value since a family from Castlebar in Co Mayo won that amount in January 2022.

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