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Why Daily Million Could Be The Game You’re Looking For

Why Daily Million Could Be The Game You’re Looking For

Last Updated: Tuesday 6th March 2018, 09:55 am

The EuroMillions jackpot is up to a massive €40 million for the next draw on Tuesday and there is a €3.5 million prize available in Irish Lotto, but players across Ireland may also be considering alternative games to play. Here is why Daily Million might be the smart choice:

Frequent Draws

EuroMillions is played every Tuesday and Friday, Irish Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday, but there are even more opportunities to get involved in Daily Million. Draws take place twice a day, at 2pm and 9pm, and it only costs €1 per line. If you want to play Daily Million Plus, you can pay an additional €0.50 per line.

Improved Odds

The odds of winning the Daily Million jackpot are considerably better than the chances of landing the top prize in either EuroMillions or Irish Lotto, as you only have to match six main numbers from a possible 39. The jackpot odds are 1 in 3.2 million, while the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 28.

Decent Prizes

Daily Million might not offer the multimillion-Euro prizes found on Irish Lotto or EuroMillions, but you can still become a millionaire by matching the full winning line. That would allow you to fulfil many of your dreams, whether it is buying a new home, perhaps giving up work or just providing financially for loved ones. You can also win prizes in six other tiers, ranging from €3 for matching three main numbers to €10,000 for matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

Choose Numbers

If you want to try and snap up one of the fantastic Daily Million prizes, you can take part every day of the week by going to any authorised retailer in Ireland or choosing numbers online. Good luck!

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