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How to Play Daily Million

Find out how to play Daily Million here. Whether you're playing online or in-store at a Lottery Agent, follow these simple steps to enter Ireland's €1 million twice-daily game.

Picking your numbers

Pick your numbers

Either choose your own six numbers between 1 to 39, or select a Quick Pick to have a random set of numbers generated for you.

You can use the Daily Million random number generator to create multiple lines of numbers at the same time.

Choosing your draws

Optional: Select Daily Million Plus

Choose if you want to play the Daily Million Plus. This costs just 50c and gives you the chance to win an extra €500,000. If you do decide to play Plus, the words 'PLUS YES' will be printed above the numbers on your ticket.

Choose the 'Plus' option

Select which draw you want to enter

Daily Million (including Plus) draws take place twice a day at 2pm and 9pm, seven days a week.

When you purchase your tickets, you can decide to enter the next available draw, or both draws.

How many draws to play

Optional: Utilise Advance Play

Decide whether you want to enter just one single draw, or multiple future draws. Daily Million Advance Play lets you enter up to 7 draws in advance. Your ticket will show you how many draws you’ve entered, and the dates for each draw.

Pay for your tickets

Pay and you're ready to play

If you’re playing in-store, simply pay the cashier and receive your ticket(s). Each panel you play costs €1 (or €1.50 per panel with Daily Million Plus included).

When you purchase your tickets online, your account will be charged the required amount. You'll then be able to view the tickets in your account.

Check your tickets

Check your numbers

Draws take place at 2pm and 9pm, with results available within an hour of each. Head over to the results page for the latest numbers.

You can also use the Daily Million Checker which makes it easy to check multiple tickets at the same time.

If you have any further questions relating to Daily Million, please check out the FAQs or contact us directly for further assistance.