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Waste Management Duo Won’t Bin Off Work After Irish Lotto Win

Waste Management Duo Won’t Bin Off Work After Irish Lotto Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:05 pm

A couple of bin men from Carlow have insisted they will not give up their jobs after winning a humongous Irish Lotto prize. John Brophy and Alan Williamson, who bagged €224,498 in the draw on Saturday 3rd June after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, have yet to decide how to splash the cash but they do plan to ‘get thrashed’.

John and Alan insisted that rumours they could decide to stop working were ‘a load of old rubbish’ as they collected their money this week, whilst also revealing the circumstances behind their extraordinary fortune. The duo reckon fate played an important part, having decided to form their own mini syndicate after being assigned to the spare lorry a couple of days before the draw.

“We were off our usual route with this lorry so we thought we would pop into Centra in Ballon to buy a ticket for our newly formed, ‘Spare Lorry Syndicate’. Little did we know we’d be sitting in the National Lottery Winners Room with a massive cheque over a week later,” John said in the Irish Examiner.

Alan also revealed that he had never previously played Irish Lotto, and would not have done so this time had it not been for John. He said: “I can’t ever remember playing Lotto before. When we were in the truck, John was pestering me to play a line with him so I gave him a few euros to share the ticket. His powers of persuasion paid off big time.”

John and Alan have not been the only players able to celebrate big wins over the past few days. A farming couple from the Midlands also came forward to National Lottery headquarters to claim a €500,000 prize from EuroMillions Plus, having found a winning ticket in their car seven weeks after the draw had taken place.

The wife explained: “I was desperately looking for coins to fill the meter when I spotted four lottery tickets stuffed with rubbish in the side pocket of the driver’s door. I thought I better bring them into the shop to get them scanned, just in case. I could not believe my luck when I was told to ring the National Lottery office that I had won a significant amount.”

The lucky couple, who have decided to stay anonymous, intend to use their winnings to pay off some of their mortgage and help their children’s education. They are delighted that they will be able to ‘splash out a bit’ after a tough period financially and can also look forward to taking another holiday.

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