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Special Lotto Plus Raffle Set For 22nd December

Special Lotto Plus Raffle Set For 22nd December

Last Updated: Monday 17th December 2018, 10:52 am

You can look forward to a festive extravaganza of an Irish Lotto draw when you take part this weekend, with an extra €1 million set to be shared out among lucky players on Saturday 22nd December.

How Will The Draw Work?

You need to enter Lotto Plus to have a chance of winning a share of the extra €1 million this Saturday. You will be given a four-digit code for every line of numbers you play with the Lotto Plus option added on, just like in a regular draw.

A winning code will be selected as normal on the night, but if you match the code you will receive a far bigger prize than usual. All winners receive €500 in regular draws, but this time a guaranteed €1 million will be available on top of the usual €500 and will be split between everyone who matches the winning code.

How Much Could I Win?

The final prize will not be known until the draw takes place as it depends on how many players match the winning code. However, based on the usual number of winners, it is likely that you will receive an additional €8,000 to €12,500.

The odds of winning a Lotto Plus prize are 1 in 10,000 for each code on your ticket, but the minimum Irish Lotto play is two lines so you have at least two chances of winning. It is also possible to win prizes in the main Lotto game, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 all on the same night, so you could enjoy a very lucky night just in time for Christmas.

Will There Be More Of These Events?

The special event on Saturday promises to be the first of many draws of its kind. The Irish National Lottery announced that a Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle would take place several times a year when it made several changes to Lotto and Lotto Plus back in September.

Other changes included new prize tiers in Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, with the Lotto Plus jackpot also doubled from €500,000 to €100,000.

Irish Lotto Jackpot Up To €3 Million

The Irish Lotto jackpot for Wednesday’s draw will be worth €3 million and it will be even higher for Saturday’s big event if there is another rollover. There have now been two draws in a row since an online player from Munster won €6.5 million on 8th December.

You can get involved in this week’s draws by visiting any authorised retailer in Ireland or taking part online. Best of luck!

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