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Special Lotto Plus Raffle on 21st December

Special Lotto Plus Raffle on 21st December

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:31 pm

A host of lucky Irish Lotto Plus players are set to receive an extra bonus in time for Christmas, after a special edition of the game was scheduled for Saturday 21st December. The draw will see €1 million shared between all winners of the Lotto Plus Raffle.

How To Enter The Lotto Plus Raffle

You are automatically entered into the Lotto Plus Raffle when you take part in Irish Lotto and add the ‘Plus’ option on your playslip. You will receive a four-digit raffle code on your ticket for every line you purchase (you must purchase a minimum of two lines). You therefore have the opportunity to win prizes in the main Lotto game, as well as Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and the Lotto Plus Raffle.

A winning raffle number is selected alongside each Lotto draw, and everyone who matches the number receives €500 in a standard draw. There are usually between 80 and 120 ticket holders in each draw who match the winning number.

Special €1 Million Draws

The Irish National Lottery organises special €1 million Lotto Plus Raffle draws from time to time, such as the upcoming one on Saturday. It is played in exactly the same way as a regular draw, except that there is an extra €1 million in the prize pot.

Everyone who matches the winning number will receive a share of the €1 million, in addition to the fixed €500 prize. Each winner can therefore expect to receive between €8,000 and €12,500 - the exact payout depends on the number of winners.

The most recent Lotto Plus Raffle of this kind took place on 21st September, when the money was shared between 102 winners. The following table shows the special draws to have been held this year:

Date Number of Winners Prize Per Winner
21st September 102 €10,304
3rd August 115 €9,196
11th May 102 €10,304
16th March 112 €9,429

A Christmas To Enjoy

As well as the Lotto Plus Raffle on Saturday 21st December, the festive season will provide lots of other opportunities to win great prizes. The Christmas Millionaire Raffle will be back on New Year’s Eve, and this year will be giving away more than 6,000 prizes. The jackpot is a guaranteed €1 million.

Lotto and EuroMillions will continue to offer big jackpots twice a week over Christmas, and early next year a number of changes are set to be made to EuroMillions to create bigger jackpots more often. It is an exciting time for lottery players in Ireland, and you can choose your numbers online now for the chance to become a winner.

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