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Millionaire Raffle Tickets Go On Sale

Millionaire Raffle Tickets Go On Sale

Last Updated: Thursday 3rd November 2022, 11:37 am

The countdown is on until New Year’s Eve and the next edition of the Millionaire Raffle, with tickets now on sale. With more prizes up for grabs and more prizes to be paid out than ever before, it is set to be the biggest Millionaire Raffle in history.

How the Raffle Works

The Christmas Millionaire Raffle has been a popular tradition in Ireland for several years, providing the opportunity to win €1 million on 31st December.

It works a bit different to other lotteries, as there is a limited number of tickets available - 500,000. If you leave it too long to buy one, there is a risk they will all sell out.

You can’t pick your own numbers. Instead, they are sold in consecutive order, at a cost of €25 per ticket.

All you need to do then is wait for the draw to take place on 31st December. One number will be randomly selected as the €1 million winner, while a host of other winning numbers will be announced that are worth lower amounts.

In total, the prize fund for the 2022 draw will add up to €5.21 million. Go to the Millionaire Raffle page to see all the prizes that will be won this year.

If your number is an exact match for one of the winning numbers, you will receive the associated prize. With 6,618 prizes to be won and just 500,000 tickets on sale, the odds of winning are 1 in 75.

Claiming Prizes

Like all lottery prizes in Ireland, you have to come forward within 90 days of the draw if you win in the Millionaire Raffle. A few years ago, the €1 million winner from the 2016 raffle failed to claim within the 90-day deadline so they missed out on their money.

Tickets are often given as Christmas presents, and in 2017 the winner was revealed to be professional football player Kevin O’Connor, who had been bought one by his godfather. He did not realise he might have won until his parents phoned and urged him to check.

It promises to be a special moment again this year for whoever becomes a millionaire, plus the thousands of others who end up winning a prize. You’ll be able to see the Raffle Results as soon as they are available after the draw.

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