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Lucky 13 Inspire Irish Lotto Syndicates With Big Win

Lucky 13 Inspire Irish Lotto Syndicates With Big Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th July 2020, 12:44 pm

A group of 13 office employees from Dublin has come forward to claim a big Lotto win, and revealed that the magnificent windfall has inspired others at work to form syndicates as well.

The lucky syndicate, consisting of receptionists and administration staff from a Dublin City business, landed the top prize of €250,000 in the Irish Lotto Plus 2 draw on 4th January. All the players, 12 women and one man, were feeling a bit short of money after Christmas when they discovered their good fortune, and they headed to National Lottery headquarters on Friday 13th to pick up their cheque.

Everyone in the group will now receive almost €20,000, and they are all excited about spending the money. The syndicate leader said: “It is a lovely amount to win and share together as a syndicate. Everybody has their plans for the win. Some will use it towards a deposit for a house while other have plans for cars and holidays. Other Lotto syndicates have started in our building since our big win in the hope that our luck might rub off on them.”

Playing in a syndicate is a popular option with many players as it allows you to enter more lines - and therefore increase your chances of winning - whilst sharing the cost of tickets. The Lotto Plus games also provide participants with extra opportunities to win on top of the main Irish Lotto game, by entering your numbers into more draws for a small additional fee.

The main Irish Lotto jackpot rolled over again on Saturday night as nobody managed to match all six main numbers, driving the top prize up to €5 million for Wednesday night. There will also be a EuroMillions jackpot of €71 million up for grabs tomorrow, and players across Ireland will be hoping some of the luck from the Dublin syndicate rubs off on them!

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