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Lotto Plus Raffle Winners To Split Extra €1 Million on 21st September

Lotto Plus Raffle Winners To Split Extra €1 Million on 21st September

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th July 2020, 12:46 pm

The Irish National Lottery is putting an extra €1 million into the Irish Lotto Raffle prize fund on Saturday 21st September. The money will be split between everyone who matches the winning raffle number, giving you a chance to pocket thousands of euros.

How the Lotto Plus Raffle Works

Whenever you buy an Irish Lotto ticket and add the ‘Plus’ option, you are instantly entered into three games on top of the main Lotto draw. Plus 1 and Plus 2 follow the same lines as the main game, giving your six numbers another chance to win prizes, while you are also given a Lotto Plus Raffle code.

This raffle code consists of four numbers and will be generated automatically on your ticket, so you can’t choose it yourself. You receive one raffle code for each line of Lotto numbers you pick, and the minimum play is two lines.

One code is randomly selected as the winner every Wednesday and Saturday evening. If your raffle number matches this code exactly, with each digit in the same order, you win €500 in a regular draw. Your code is not unique, and in most draws there are around 80 to 120 winners - the number varies from draw to draw depending on how many tickets are sold.

Special Draws

In special promotions such as the upcoming draw on Saturday, there is a guaranteed €1 million added to the prize pool. Everyone who matches the winning raffle number will get a share of the €1 million, on top of the standard €500 prize.

The last time a similar draw took place, on Saturday 3rd August, there were 115 winners of the raffle. Each player received a payout of €9,196. Back in May, 102 players won €10,304 each. The final payout will only be known once the number of winners is confirmed.

There are 10,000 possible combinations of four numbers, but the odds of winning are effectively 1 in 5,000 because you must have at least two raffle numbers. You can also win prizes on more than one game on the same night, and the overall odds of winning a prize if you play Lotto and Lotto Plus are 1 in 10.

EuroMillions Record Beckons

It promises to be an exciting weekend for lottery players in Ireland, with a huge EuroMillions draw to enjoy as well as the Lotto Plus Raffle promotion. The EuroMillions jackpot for Friday night will be worth an estimated €190 million, putting it alongside the largest prizes ever to have been offered on the game.

It could also mean that a new record is set for the biggest jackpot ever won in Ireland. The largest payout so far this year went to a family from Co Dublin who banked €175 million in February. They eclipsed Dolores McNamara to become the country’s biggest winners of all time.

Whether you fancy trying to win Lotto, EuroMillions or both this weekend, you can take part now and then check out the latest lottery results straight after the draws have taken place.

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