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Lotto Plus Raffle Winners To Split €1 Million on 14th March

Lotto Plus Raffle Winners To Split €1 Million on 14th March

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 09:05 am

The lucky winners of the Lotto Plus Raffle on Saturday 14th March are set for a bumper pay day in time for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations next week, with an extra €1 million in the prize fund.

What is the Lotto Plus Raffle?

The Lotto Plus Raffle is a supplementary draw that can be played alongside the main Irish Lotto game. When you add the ‘Plus’ option to Lotto, you are automatically given a four-digit raffle code for each line of numbers that you play. Your main numbers are also entered into the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws.

One Lotto Plus Raffle code is selected as the winner in each draw, and everyone with a matching ticket receives €500. There are only 10,000 possible raffle combinations and the minimum play is two lines, so the number on your ticket is not unique.

In most draws there are between 80 and 120 winners, although this varies from draw to draw depending on how many tickets have been sold and which number is announced as the winner. The odds of winning always remain the same - 1 in 5,000 for the minimum of two lines.

In special draws such as the one on Saturday, an additional €1 million is guaranteed to be split between all the winners. Each winner can therefore expect to receive an extra €8,000 to €12,500, on top of the usual €500. In the most recent special draw, on Saturday 21st December, 104 players landed €10,115.

Lotto Plus Provides Extra Ways To Win

The cost remains the same as always when a special Lotto Plus Raffle takes place, and you do not have to do anything differently in order to enter. It is possible to win prizes in more than one game on the same night.

Even if you play just two lines in Lotto, Plus 1 and Plus 2, you have eight chances to win in total when you factor in the two raffle codes. Each game offers big prizes, with the Lotto jackpot currently higher than €5 million.

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